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Linux Radmin
Is there or will be supported Linux version of your Radmin server/client?
No and there won't be for a long time. They say 4.0 will have linux client but they've been saying 3.0 will come out for a LONG LONG time with many false release dates so don't count on 4.0 in this century.
run the client with WINE it works fine on linux i have used it myself
I got mine working in WINE (20030408) but the keyboard doesn't work inside a window - i'm running a default wine install on debian/woody (kernel 2.4.20) with kde (2.2.2).

Did anyone have to do anything in particular to get there's to work, or if anyone has a working pair (wine/radmin) what versions of wine/linux are they running??

I must say that I was pretty impressed with the way wine handles windows apps - and i didn't get any of the problems that Jirka said - i can resize and view fullscreen (although getting out of fullscreen is a nightmare!!).

I'd really like to get it working, as it's about the only app left that I really depend on in windows and it's stopping me migrating fully.
I used the viewer in WINE for about a month. To get the keyboard to work in a viewer windows, I just clicked outside the viewer window (to remove the focus) and then activated it again. Then the keyboard worked.
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