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Radmin is a superb product that really takes the hassle out of some remote-administering that I've to do on a regular basis. I have one question though -- is there a easy way to cycle through windows on the remote machine? i.e., send an alt-tab to the remote machine somehow? As things stand (based on a quick reading of the manual and the FAQ) it seems that cycling through remote windows must be done using the mouse.

Also, one feature request:
In a later version of radmin, there should be way to have "rootless" remote windows on the local machine. This is similar to rootless windows on most PC X servers, i.e., a _remote_ Notepad window would show up on my _local_ taskbar, just as if it was executing locally . This'd be a killer feature! :-)

Sending "Alt-Tab" isn't supported. We have included this and the feature request in our Wishes list. Thank you for your suggestion.
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