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Control via Internet Explorer
Is it possible to control with Radmin another pc via Internet Explorer (like VNC).

It's not possible.
But Radmin viewer doesn't need installation. Just copy the files radmin.exe and admdll.dll (about 1mb only) to the same directory on the local computer.
cool, try keep them floppy size for next version too
I actually came here to suggest this..
Since i use both PC and MAC at work id like to be able to control the servers from the MAC.
So a web interface like VNC has would be really nice.

Any chance of seeing this in a later version?
I sometimes need to connect to a clients pc when I'm travelling.
Most of the time, I have to visit an internet cafe.
And since not all internet cafe's allow running any program, it would make things easier.
This is the ONLY feature that is missing from radmin that i would really lvoe to see, this is the only reason i have realVNC running is so i can hit my PC from any public PC, the addition of this feature would be awesome. not to mention it is a pain to use WINE to get the viewer running in 'NIX
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