Creating a secure webapp to support RAing into a computer


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[ Closed ] Creating a secure webapp to support RAing into a computer

I would like someway of creating a webapp to support RAing into a machine. I would like to be able to supply DNS names or IPs for the app and make a link so that all you have to do is click on it. Once you click on it, it will open up the Remote Administrator session.



now that is a great idea!

this may be included in Radmin 3.1 due fall 2008 :p
I have created a program in VB, that when installed, does basically this:

You create a file with a .myr extenstion. In this file you put the machine you want to connect to, an optional gateway machine and the type of connection you want to make (full control, readonly, file transfer).

You save this file and make a link to it.

When you click the link, it will automatically download this file and use my program to auto-launch Radmin with the appropriate command line arguments.

If you would like, I can send you this program, and a small document on how to use.

I am an IT Admin for a small company with about 100 computers. This comes in very handy.

If you would like, I can send you the source code as well, so you can compile yourself and be sure there is no Trojan or spyware attached.
Creating such webapp will be a great security hole, so it's not sheduled in version 3.0 You always can download RAdmin viewer on you machine - it's mere 1 megabyte download - then install it and use full-functional viewer.

Best regards, Gregory Petrov, Famatech Support Team
Yes, it is so. But primary goals of RAdmin is stability AND security. Releasing such webapp will force endless web-based attacks on interface and, most important - traffic between you and this web interface is encrypted much worse than intrnal RAdmin encryption, so passwords can be stolen.

But we are constantly thinking about solution, so, maybe, it will be developed after release of 3.0 version.

Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech Support Team
I had an issue where I had 12 techs trying to use RA to administor a list of 200+ computers and the list was growing rapidly. First obviously all techs had to have RA installed on there machine. Next I created a custom file type that was installed by running a reg file that contained the following:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="URL: connect Protocol"
"URL Protocol"=""

@="\"C:\\Program Files\\radmin\\radmin.exe\",1"



@="C:\\progra~1\\radmin\\radmin.exe /%1"

[end of .reg file - this should not be in the file]

Next I created a webpage that listed in a logical order (obviously different depending on what your trying to accomplish) all the computer that they needed to be able to connect to. on the webpage the connection is made by doing the following:

<a href="connect:">NAME</a>

when the person clicks on the link it opens RA without and prompts the user to enter the password. I am doing this for full control only but it could be changed to do other things.

If anyone has any questions feal free to email me

I too created my own vb program. Simple MY radmin GUI. A nice treeview with pc's/servers ordered. I only need to click my selection, a popup asks me for password and that's it. No entering of passwords etc. All nicely orderd within my own categories.

And no I'm not a die-hard programmer.
Knowing which parameters you can enter with radmin in prompt is all you need.
>When you click the link, it will
>automatically download this file and
>use my program to auto-launch Radmin
>with the appropriate command line

It may be a violation of license terms, if you don't delete Viewer from machine after using it!

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech Support Team (
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