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[ Closed ] mulitple monitors
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add multiple monitor support for both server and client sides... I have multiple monitors would like the option of using the client fullscreen on non-primary monitors (the 2.1 remote desktop viewer (client), even when moved to another window, jumps to the primary one when you hit f12)... also, it woult be very usefull to, in the connection settings, specify which monitor you want to view on the client side... I would find this type of functionality extremely useful. in conjuntion with basic batch connection-invoking and window positioning commands (flow control is not even necessary... just function invocation), one could, for example, open all of the desktops on a serving computer, each in their own window, and positioned in relative positions, to accurately reflect the layout of the monitors of the serving computer... a composite desktop mode, in which all of the serving desktop is presented in one window (layed out like a standard multi-mon "print-screen" keypress screen capture) that responded to the mouse as it moves across monitors, would also be of value... :)
I also would like to run the Radmin client full screen on my secondary monitor.
At work I have a multi-monitor workstation. Whenever I work from home I connect via RAdmin, disable the 2nd monitor, then work in a very convined space.

I have a multi-monitor workstation at home also, so I would like it very much if RAdmin were able to detect the remote multi-monitor configuration as well as the fact that I am working locally with a multi-monitor system, and allow both work monitors to be projected onto my two home monitors.

I administer a whole office of dual screen machines and it is a little frustrating having to disable the second screen every time I connect to help a staff member.
I would very much appreciate added dual screen capability.
In every other way I love the software.
I'm just starting out down the multi-monitor path.
It would be fantastic if radmin were to support multi-monitors as I can only see this technology growing.
Radmin works 100% fine with Matrox multi-mon configs- you can stretch both monitors across two screens on the client. The client side doesn't evenm need to have matrox dual setup- any two cards will do.

Unfortunately, it will not yet handle my Parhelia at 3840*1024 but it goes fine to 2048*(up to) 2048

Can I expect an upgrade soon?
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