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Feature: connect back
The setting: closed high-security lan-environment. Ports need to be closed, won't be opened for security reasons.

Problem: RAdmin would be perfect to use in network but our security doesn't allow opening one port for RAdmin. I could open it but won't do, too risky at all.

Possible new feature: Connect back function. RAdmin server sends out SINs to one static IP(in a frequent term) and allows the one static IP to connect to the computer in that LAN. The advantage is that no ports on LAN-side need to be opened or can be portscanned. Only the one static IP can connect into the network via catching up the SIN request.

A trojan( ***** it is one, I would like to see remote control software that works so intelligent as well, it's just more secure than opening ports in the wild) called LanFiltrator uses this technique.­&lid=16&ttitle=LANfiltrator

It is missing Remote Desktop and our CEO would rather kick me ouf of my job than being happy if I use a trojan instead of a remote control software from a valued company.

I hope Famatech can read through this as it is a really huge advantage of security. At least tell me if it's possible to implement, I know you got much to do.
The feature you mentioned is in our Wishes list. It may be implemented in following versions of RAdmin (not version 3.0 though).

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech Support Team (
Great! Thanks for the reply, this feature and of course the others will make it possible to use it in high-sec areas in the future.

Thanks for listening,

That is unfortunate.
We use Remote Admin as a help desk/diagnostics tool, and many of our customers are very security paranoid. This is a feature I have been waiting for I thought would be in Version 3.0.

Of course you can imagine that this would make connecting to these customers significantly simpler, because the server would initiate the connection. This would also assist when connecting to customers who do not have a fixed IP address.

I hope this feature will be included soon.

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