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Support for Network Drives
Can you add support for network drives in ftp mode?
At the moment mapped drives support is limited. This can be done under NT 4.0, win2k and XP, if Radmin server is run as application, not as service. (under win9x/me it works even if Radmin server is run as service)

Shared folders permissions where networks drives are mapped must be set correspondingly.

p.s. When working in Radmin File Transfer mode, you have "System" rights. Make sure that it's allowed for the system to access appropriate folders.
File Transfer doesn't work with mapped drives if Radmin Server is run as a service under WinNT-based OS. On NT machines mapped drives are created by credentials of user that actually map them. If you create them and RAdmin is started as an application everything's OK. But if you create them and RAdmin is started as a service, it has credentials of "localsystem", and they are different from credentials of user that map network drives. As a result, RAdmin cannot access network/mapped drives. Unfortunately, there is no way to access mapped drive of another user - it would be a great security hole. So you have the following ways:

1. Run Radmin Server as an application with credentials of certain user
2. Use Windows 95/98/ME on server machines
3. Use other technique than mapped drives - for example, some virtual drive software.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Famatech Technical Support
It actually is possible, as long as the correct credentials are given, however, that would require modifying your product.
If you think it can't be done then just look at impersonation done in .NET
Now that radmin v2.2 only runs as a service on NT-based machines, this means it will never be able to access netowrk drives.
If they made use of impersonation then it would work. It could also prevent such things as sending a shutdown command from someone who does not have the rights to do so, among other things.
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