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Reading here I see a lot of discussion on whether or not Radmin should operate in a stealth mode. Well, it has a stealth mode - view only. Your mouse movements and keyboard are not reflected on the remote machine. I am the Dir. or Technology for a medium size school district. We use the view only to allow faculty persons in select areas to monitor, on a spot basis, student internet activity. It amazes them when they are caught in inappropriate activity. This in only in use in two areas. I would like to see a default, configurable, indicator on the remote machine that indicates that Radmin is active. Perhaps something as simple as two eyes at the top o the screen or active window. But to maintain my monitoring abilities, please make them able to be suppressed. Such an indicator would allow others to know that I have remoted in. A "Fair warning" if you will. by the way, can you put the menu for remote admin in the currrent user instead of all users? I have to move it each time to keep the kids from playing with it. There, I wrote my book. Your turn.
>I would like to see a default, configurable,
>indicator on the remote machine that indicates
>that Radmin is active.
>Such an indicator would allow others to know
>that I have remoted in

This is already possible in Remote Administrator 2.1. When there are no connections, RAdmin Server tray icon is blue. When connecetion session is active, RAdmin Server tray icon changes to red.

And yes, it is configurable. You can hide tray icon, so server user wouldn't know if there's someone conncted. If you want to hide RAdmin Server tray icon, run "Settings for Remote Administrator server" from start menu group (Start->Programs->Remote Administrator v2.1->Settings for Remote Administrator server). Click "Options" button. Check "Hide tray icon" checkbox and apply changes by clicking "OK" button.

>can you put the menu for remote admin in
>the currrent user instead of all users?

We've included this suggestion into our Wishes list.

Most of RAdmin features are implemented according to our users wishes. Probably it will be developed in future releases. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be notified about our news, upgrades etc. (

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech Support Team (
I have not yet installed the software. I have not got to see how it works sleath mode.but if it true that works slath mode,if not appears in andministrador tasks, processes or have any interface,it's that's exactly what I loking for.I appreciate the work that people who think of the needs of others,and selfish who complains about the way it work's this softwere,IT ALSO WORKS IN TRANSPARENT MODE!!!!!THAT THEN IS USED AS THE NEEDS OF EVERYONE.THANKS TO THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE THIS POSSIBLE
What does it do if you enable or diable stealth mode?
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