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[ Closed ] optionnally disable encryption
I often run radmin in a tunnel (e.g. zebedee) which already provides encryption. It would be nice to be able to turn off the encryption to squeeze more bandwidth.
I have the same request since I use it with hardware vpns 90% of the time.
Remote Administrator's encryption rises CPU use 5% only. RAdmin's encryption system is high-secure, still it needs few resources. Disabling encryption would not give noticeable performace growth. On the other hand, the possibility to disable encryption itself would low security level, since some users might disable encryption by mistake.

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech Support Team (
5% CPU is a lot for me. I suggest make it possible for advanced users to turn it off by editing system registry. This way people won't disable it by mistake. Or will they?
If the code was written with a good object model for the serialization of data flow, the option to disable encryption should take no more than an hour's worth of coding time to implement.
Again all my connections are through hardware VPNs to double encrypt seems redundent can you please tell us where we can disable encryption from...
"Disable encryption" option is impossible due to security reasons.

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech Support Team (
CPU usage is not the real issue with not disabling encryption.. it's bandwidth.

Radmin is not a substitute for a good firewall and security policy. I don't want Radmin to be responsible for who connects and how. I want my firewall to do that.

I use an SSH tunnel to permit access to RADMIN'd machines which requires a private key, a heck of a lot stronger than RADMIN's simple password authentication. But with RADMIN's encryption on top of SSH encryption, it sure is slow over a dialup. And completely unnecessary.

Fine to offer encryption as an option, even the default. But why reinvent the wheel when there are applications that evolve constantly (versus every three years or so) and are designed SPECIFICALLY for managing secure access, rather than forcing us to use a "feature" of remote control software? Don't try to be Microsoft - let the user decide what they need. Allow it to be disabled. There are very good reasons why this is desirable in some situations as I have just explained.
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