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Good evening.

To make it short:

I would really welcome an 'email notification' in further versions of radmin.

For Internet use it would be an big improvement(and a win of time) if the IP-Adress (of the server-pc) would be sent via email to the ClientSided user.


There are lots of simple utilities out there that can do such a thing as well as incorporating many other network monitoring capabilities. It seems not related to Radmin's core functionality.
sounds like you want a trojan, not radmin..
Have the same need . And not for trojan. It's good to have this option if you internett connection is giving you dynamic ip, or if you have need to restart a cafe computer.

Not everyone have bad intention and yes it could be used as trojan but then a hammer could be used as a murder weapon. Not everyone use it that way.
Yeah but why have yet another service running when its just as easy to do it in one?
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