about people blamming Famatech about taking too long to release Ra3..


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Okay, I've heard peoples saying Famatech is taking too long to release Remote Administrator 3.0. Sure, it can ben long, but as you maybe don't know how much work it is to do such a program, please leave them the time to be sure everything is okay. Personnally, I prefer a well builded program, which taken much more time than supposed, than a crappy program released in 3 days. So please, don't blam them, they're doing their best, and I'm sure they'll succeed about making an awesome remote software. And if some of you do not approve me, then go study computer engineering, and come back see me after all this, otherwise, go to hell ! :P
"...they're doing their best..."

How do you know? Do you have some inside information you could share with us. Or are you just making this up out of thin air?
Its nearly 1 YEAR OVER DUE!
m-p{3} "I prefer a well builded"

Well I prefer a well builded post. As a business they have set dates and broken them. If you dont have the foresight to know they need more man hours (hire another programmer for the love of god) then why should i believe that they can have the ability to create a "well builded program"?
I agree that the development for a tool like RA takes time. But it takes a LOT of time now! At this moment we are migrating all the NT4 servers to W2K. The workstations are allready migrated a year ago...

Remote Admin is a pain on a W2K server machine! Too ***** slow. I'm glad that MS has included TS on W2K servers! I only use RA on the fast W2K servers and for some workstations.

I just hope the new version will be released before october, otherwise I guess we will start looking for a different remote control tool...
A small note to Jurgen. If RA works slow on your W2K servers then just set the frames per second to 20 and it should work like a dream.
Hedge. you should not have to degrade the product to get it to go, trying to any serious work on a remote server at 20 frames is plain painful and frustrating.
My guess is that it has been delayed because of too many friviolous features... Why are they are wasting time turning it into a chat program is beyond my understanding.
With Famatech offering the 3.0 release over one year ago, and continually posting release dates each month and did not meet any of them. The bottom line is, they should not set a release date until it was tested. With the request for software improvements, they wanted to make everyone happy, this I understand. Yet, fulfill the major offered improvements, release that version, and work on the other items and release a newer version.

They created their own problem with complaints, by setting unrealistic release dates and trying to implement the entire request from users into the new version.

I agree, I want a secure working version, but the complaint issues are business related. Software Companies do not offer new releases until they are ready for release.

From what I have "read" Famatech is having business issues causing delays. Great software, but unstable business. Leave it at that.

I am unhappy with Famatech, yet understand what they are trying to do.

The complaining does not get them to release it any faster.
Complaining to each other is just a ***** of time.

Forum is for improvements and suggestions, not an area to attack each other. Who are we really upset with? Famatech. It does not matter who we are, what we do, or how much we know. We all want the new version. Personal attacks serve no purpose. When (if) Famatch releases the new version, this will seem ill revaluate.
[post deleted due to rude language]
Let me spell this out simply.

You write "you maybe don't know how much work it is to do such a program".

Yes. Radmin 3 has become a very complicated program.

My argument is not against this. My argument is that they should have done a release before adding SO MANY new (and in some cases frivolous) features.

They should have done a release after the video hook was implemented and tested and added no new features.
[post deleted due to rude language]
RAdmin 3.0 WILL be released as soon as we are sure that it's stable and has no errors.

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech Support Team (
People - I have s stupid question: Why do I need products like radmin if I already have terminal services? Only for NT/98/95? Or there are some other reasons? I do not see them...
<<Sure, it can ben long, but as you maybe don't know how much work it is to do such a program, please leave them the time to be sure everything is okay>>

That's not our problem. They told everybody an update was coming. They even told me that all the features were already implemented. That turned out to be a lie (it was confirmed when the VP told us that not all features were completed yet). They've had more than enough time to get these things working right. They aren't just TESTING the server right now, they are still coding it. This means that after the features are implemented, they still have to test it. It will be close to 2005 if we are lucky. I laugh because Windows XP/2003 remote desktop will soon make RAdmin obsolete. Remote desktop is already faster, if you don't believe me, just watch streaming video remotely and compare the screen updates.
You people have it all wrong!

It has nothing to do with icons, security, testing, protocols or anything like that. It all got to do with licensing. In version 2.1 you purchased a license and was supposed to be honest about it. If you purchased one client/server license you should only install it on one client and server but many people installed it on more machines than the license was for.

Now, in version 3.0 they are trying to keep you from doing just that. They have not found a working model yet. They are not sure how to do it. All they know is they want to lock the license to keep you honest. If you purchase one license you will only be able to install it on one client and server etc. This is whats taking so long. We can all complain and jump up and down but nothing will help. This is the way they want to move and that is it. It does not take a rocket scientist to read between the lines of all their feedback on these fourms to get the picture of what they are doing.

The only problem with XP Remote Desktop is that the host user cannot see or interact with what the remote user is doing. For me, I need that ability. So XP Remote Desktop does not help me.
I agree. Remote Desktop is useful for certain tasks. From a Help Desk/Support perspective, Remote Desktop is not an option. As far as speed, it is comparable or slower. Soon, hopefully with the release of v3.0, speed will be further increased.

For those that think VNC or its other flavors, I have to ask since it has been some time since I have experimented with any version. Is it possible with any of the VNC versions to use NT Security? This has been a major reason for using RAdmin. While you can use VNC as a service, it only allowed one password for the entire machine. If this has changed and the speed has really improved as others have stated, then it may be time to move away from RAdmin.
this is incorrect - ther are many versions of vnc that now include nt security.
So can list the versions so I can do some benchmarks. TightVNC Ultr@VNC? Which ones? URL's would be awesome as long as they are not deleted...

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