about people blamming Famatech about taking too long to release Ra3..


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For those wondering about help desk tools - and Remote Desktop ..... what about Remote assistance? If properly setup in your environment - it is fast, offers all the things that RADMIN says they will provide (when? who knows).
Windows was released wasn't it? It's the biggest live beta program ever - it's still in beta and we use it every day! RELEASE THE PROGRAM - FOAD!
Viewer 3 (only viewer!) download link:

Wanna see the server!!!!!!!
Over 2 years i not have any problem with radmin 2, i prefer a delay with the new version and the same quality.
So can list the versions so I can do some benchmarks. TightVNC Ultr@VNC? Which ones? URL's would be awesome as long as they are not deleted..

Please, discuss other software (like VNC) in "Network management general discussion" forum. It won't considered "direct advertisment" if it is posted to "Network management general discussion" forum.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Famatech Technical Support
Its been a while since I have posted but it seems like nothing has changed. The same old post about "leave poor Famatech alone" and how they want to perfect the software BS. Well guys, as have said for the LAST 2 YEARS this product should have come out long ago.

AND AGAIN 2.1 is good BUT customers want upgrades. Windows LongHorn will be in Service pack 2 by the time 3.0 is released and all these good developments will be outdated.

Truthfully, this is what I think is going on. Famatech decides to add a new feature, so they throw a lot of work into it and get it working, then Windows comes out with a new patch and breaks it, so thusly they have to start over again in a never ending cycle of fixing feature. Thats one way to look at it.

If Microsoft can come out with 2 versions of windows and go through 3 lawsuits, sheesh you'd think that Famatech could finish writing less than 10 MB of code for this little program..


How are you doing? How is the wife and kids?
Sorry I haven't been around to help out with the questions, my job finally started picking back up so I haven't had nearly as much free time to visit as I did.


Please go easy on Ilia here, he is a very nice guy, and like the rest of us, wishes that 3.0 too would come out so he can stop defending Famatechs slow release. He will answer any questions you have if asked nicely, and will get ticked off if you act like an ***** , just like any other human.

He can understand your frustrations, but he is only the messenger, so please don't shoot the messenger. He's just trying to make a living like all of us. Give him a break.. Thanks.

Now for a COMPLETELY and TOTALLY unrelated question, does anyone know of a utlity for altering windows context menuns?
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