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[ Closed ] Feature request
I think that Radmin is a very good software and we have a request. In Italy some ADSL routers are rent by calling companies and the customer doesn't have the password to manage the router. Moreover the routers are configured with NAT options. It is impossible to reach a client behind a router with NAT installed without having the password router for a port mapping, isnt'it?

It will be be fantastic if Radmin could support "Host can initiate the call", like VNC.


Yes, you are right - one must have router password in order to reconfigure router for a port mapping.

The "callback" feature is already in our Wishes list. It may be implemented in future versions of RAdmin (not RAdmin 3.0 though).

With best regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech support team (
Ilia, I am glad to hear the development team is beginning to delay adding new feature requests until after 3.0.

I was beginning to think that every time someone suggested something new, that Famatech decides to include it into 3.0, casuing it to be delayed even more.

Please continue to put all new feature requests into a list for "4.0".

This is good news. I feel much better now.

Thank you!
I am sorry to hear that Famatech is now caving in to the few impatient customers who are not willing to wait for an excellent product. Famatech should continue to add ALL requested new features into 3.0 and THEN thoroughly test until finally the product is as perfect as humanly possible. Rushing it out of the door with many good features left out will be a disappointment. Even if it takes a several years the silent majority is willing to wait.
A small feature request.
The descriptor in the WIN2K services for the r_server.exe is "Remote Administration Service", this doesn't work with Windows NET START command because of the spaces. You can manually change it to "RADMIN" and this works ok, but for a network installation you would have to visit each machine to change it's descriptor (so you may as well just reboot)

This is useful to avoid a reboot after network install, or avoids instructing users to "go into services", "click start".

So, in short, make the default service name in the service properties RADMIN.

This means NET START RADMIN can be added to the network batch file which is suggested by the network install instructions.



net stop "remote administrator service"
net start "remote administrator service"

- OR -

net stop r_server
net start r_server

both work with Windows 2003, XP and 2000

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