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Boundless Features
I have a suggestion to Famatech.

I would suggest to focus mainly on these 3 key aspects of Remote Administrator:
1) Remote Control
2) File Transfer
3) Command Prompt

Other features such as voice-chat, or text-chat, and other such features, while are useful, are not necessarily the most important.

Features like that can be added into the product later using a plugin or add-in system. Also that way, 3rd parties can help develop additional tools for RAdmin and Famatech can focus mainly on the 3 core features, should Famatech decide to release a API on how to develop for this plugin architecture.

This would solve two problems that users seem to be complaining the most about:
1) 'Excessive' release delays
2) 'Bloated' with features

Another advantage would be that users could choose which additional features they want and which they do not.

It's just a suggestion. And I'm sure that v3.0 is already far too along to do this now, but maybe it is something to consider for a possible v4.0?

Thank you for suggestions - we'll have them in mind.

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech Support Team (
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