Support for Host which is in private network


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Support for Host which is in private network
There's a kind of remote administeration software named "coolgate ," that solve the problem that host which have private ip cannot be accessed by outside clinet. it say by accessing in reverse way(from host(private ip) to clinet(public ip)) , host in private network works as it's in public network.
I know RAdmin support similar feature , "through host" connection , but it works only when there's another host which have public ip & is in the same network with destinated host in private network

I wish a new "though" feature.
If there's one more host like this,

RAdmin Server 1 - Public IP
Radmin Server 2 - Private IP
Radmin Clinet

if Radmin Server 2 always connect to RAdmin Server 1 , I think Radmin Clinet can connect to Radmin Server 2 in private network through RAdmin Server 1 , by sending some network information of Radmin server 2.

Is it possible to include this new feature in Radmin 3.0 ?

Han Seung Seog
han_newtype ( )
The "callback" feature is already in our Wishes list. It may be implemented in future versions of RAdmin (not RAdmin 3.0 though).

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech Support Team (
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