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Dear Radmin users!

We appreciate your loyalty to the program and we'd like to answer your questions regarding the current status of Radmin 3.0 development.

During this week you may inquire for every issue or question you are interested in.
Questions will be answered by Famatech CEO Dmitri Znosko.

Please send your questions to

Alexandra Bazzhina
PR Manager
Why not public in this forum?
Make a seperate RA3.0 thread if you have to.
Yes for a few reasons! Then he doesn't have to answer the same questions multiple times and we all can see the replies at the same time.
Dear guest!

You are quite right. Lots of questions we have already received are similar.

We hope email method of communication will be convenient.

Alexandra Bazzhina
PR manager

While e-mail communication is highly convenient, so is this forum. Please allow questions concerning RAdmin 3.0 to be answered in this forum for all to read, as well as e-mail. Thank you!!

If everything is discussed in this forum which is public and free for everyone to see then nothing can be second guessed. I believe a public forum with live replies is a stronger medium
I have a question, which I also emailed to the address mentioned above:

I have one question - when can we honestly expect to see Radmin v.3 ?

It is a simple question, that I believe has been asked many times. Always we are getting answers that say we are testing the final version, it is in beta, .... - but none truly answer the question. I understand your timelines are your own, but as your customers - we would like to know something more then this. Many of your customers are loyal and hoping for the next version to be released, but some are finding solutions in other products. I've been trying to hold out, as I have RADMIN loaded across hundreds of machines. RAdmin is not functioning as well as other products, and doesn't provide all the features of other products. This being said, you are making it easier for customers to leave (losing $$$s).

After months and years of hearing that version 3 will be released soon, I can't honestly go to management and say we can wait for version 3 to be released. I don't feel you have been honest with us, and I don't feel I can tell my company to wait for version 3.

It would be great to have answers to people's questions - as long as they are honest answers.


Chris Alliey
A once *VERY* happy customer
We apologize that it takes so long to release the new version.
We can hardly expect CEO to reply all questions in real-time during the week. I propose the compromise way. The questions may be posted in this forum. They will be answered together.

do you already have some kind of timetable for Linux version?
Why on earth would you say that is it easier to email? When you have to be in this forum anyways to get the email address why on earth would it be easier to NOT use the sytem you are already in? Poor logic, more likely it is easier for you to pull the wool over our eyes one email at a time.
I will post my question & answer in forum, should I get a response from my email.

What specifically still remains to be completed before releasing 3.0, and please be very specific?

What is/was the logic behind not releasing a 2.2 version that was no different from 2.1 except that it contained a hook driver for windows 2000/xp/2003 and so on. I would STILL be EXTREMELY grateful and strongly advise you to do so. I believe a GREAT majority of customers would be very satisfied with a 2.2 edition. After that I believe you could take more time to perfect 3.0, but from what I have been told by people at Famatech, the hook driver has been completed for a long time. If that's the case, then it shouldn't take very long to port it to 2.1. Please answer in detail. Thank You!
If anyone else has emailed questions and/or received responses, please post them on the forum for all to benefit from. It doesn't make *ANY* sense to use email instead of the forum, since you have to come to the forum to even know they were doing this.
Crap, this forum post is old. Man! I don't suppose we'll actually get responses, since we didn't see this *that* week.
Crap, this forum post is old. Man! I don't suppose we'll actually get responses, since we didn't see this *that* week.

Umm, the original post was yesterday. This is the proper week
Why is it taking so long to release a beta version? What else do you have to add to it? It was supposed to come out Dec. 03, so it must be close! What's the deal?
Has anybody received a response yet? I never got a reply e-mail.
The date on the first post was 12/05/2003
Oops! my bad! sorry about that, that was registration date. OK, let's here some answers then! I haven't heard anything, I emailed mine and posted on the forum.
I want to HEAR some answers also! :-)
I am having problems with graphics not displaying properly on Win 2000 machines, I believe this is down to a Hook Driver prob. So I am trying to update to Radmin V3 but I am having difficulty installing Radmin V3. Help please!
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