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Ryan, unless you have a time machine or actually work for Famatech this is not possible. If you check the weather forecast for Hell you will note that they aren't predicting it to FREEZE OVER!
Dear Radmin users!

I apologize for the delay in getting back.
This week we only gather questions.
They will be answered next week. All together. Sorry if it may cause any inconvenience.

Alexandra Bazzhina
PR manager
Fair enough.
We can expect these questions to be answered on Monday? Or will it be later? By e-mail? or through the forum?

Just wondering.


Dear Guest
That was the point of my post (I was being Sicastic about V3), I have been waiting nearly 2 years for my FIX e.g. V3. I have however learnt not to invest in software not FULLY compatable with newer OS's. Well I say Newer OS's, how old is win2k?
Hey Famatec, Can I have a refund, I have to purchase something else for my company now! I have been hiding YOUR problem for too long now! :evil:
:?: :!:

I have a question, which I also emailed to the address mentioned above:

I have one question - when can we honestly expect to see Radmin v.3 ?

It is a simple question, that I believe has been asked many times. Always we are getting answers that say we are testing the final version, it is in beta, .... - but none truly answer the question. I understand your timelines are your own, but as your customers - we would like to know something more then this. Many of your customers are loyal and hoping for the next version to be released, but some are finding solutions in other products. I've been trying to hold out, as I have RADMIN loaded across hundreds of machines. RAdmin is not functioning as well as other products, and doesn't provide all the features of other products. This being said, you are making it easier for customers to leave (losing $$$s).

After months and years of hearing that version 3 will be released soon, I can't honestly go to management and say we can wait for version 3 to be released. I don't feel you have been honest with us, and I don't feel I can tell my company to wait for version 3.

It would be great to have answers to people's questions - as long as they are honest answers.


Chris Alliey
A once *VERY* happy customer

Alexandra -

It has been 1 week since my post, can I get an answer from the CEO? As it has been mentioned in a number of other posts, everyone is waiting for this answer. Some people are tired of hiding RADMIN's failures, in order to stay RADMIN customers - we need an update. Windows 2000 and Windows XP has been out for a long time now, you are really long past providing an update that supports these OSes.

As a customer that has influenced and purchased large amounts of RADMIN licenses, I believe I'm (along with every other customer) entitled to an *honest* answer.


Chris Alliey
<They will be answered next week. All together. Sorry if it may cause any inconvenience.>>

That did mean this week right? 1/26/04-1/30/04?
Ok where's the answers?
Is it next WEEK yet? Please say it is so an answers are coming! Not that they will make it any better than it is over 2 years over due!
Honestly, will it be "SOON" next week or "LATER" next week! Will the questions be answered in BETA form or Alpha? WIll the questions be protected so you can actually release the answers or will you just create a webpage with screen shots?
You 'guest's are too funny.
Will the answers be in Beta or Alpha - lets hope it isn't an internal beta. Who knows, it may take 2 years to pick the correct icon to display with the response

should it go with :o
or :idea: (looks kind of like a butt)

while our icons look like :~(
because we never seem to get any response.

What a shame
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2. Prohibitions and restrictions
a. It is prohibited to use ... offensive words ...
Dear guests!

Please choose polite expressions even you feel disappointed.
The delay in getting back concerns the translation from Russian into English.
By the end of this week you'll be able to read the answers. So we keep our promises. They'll be published in the news column and posted here.

Best regards,
Alexandra Bazzhina.

I can understand the translation issues, and will wait till the end of this week. If this 'promise' is not kept, I can promise you that you have lost another customer.

Alexandra Bazzhina,

If you are having trouble with translating from Russian to English, please ask for Ilia Demenkov's help, her english is very good and from her previous posts, she knows russian too. This will help to get the answers concerning RAdmin 3.0 development out in a timely fashion.

Offensive words? It's the truth, if you deny that you are liars, then you simply add one more lie to all the others. That SHOULD offend you! I know you offend me!
How many times have you lied about the release of 3.0? I know I've lost count. If you really abided by your "policy" then you would delete all of your false release date posts, including the ones where you said "soon" over a year ago.
Go ahead and post your responses in Russian, there are plenty of free online translaters that I can copy/paste your replies to, all I know is I better not see the word "soon" anywhere!
Ok it is Thursday here! (USA) the Soviet Union it has to be I would guess 7-12 hour difference. So it has to be late Thursday. The countdown is on! ONE MORE DAY to see if a promise actually is fulfilled!
>If you are having trouble with translating
>from Russian to English,

Please note, that we don't have many questions in Russian, actually alsmost all questions came from English-speaking users, but we wish to make two versions of this off-line interview (English and Russian) and also Dmitri fells more comfortable commenting Russian text. Our CEO is a very busy businessman, so it took some time before he had time to answer. As soon as Alexandra finishes translating to Enslish, she'll post a text of this off-line interview.

>please ask for Ilia Demenkov's help, her


>english is very good and from her


>previous posts, she


If you are not familiar with foregin name and surname systems or Bible, you could at least use a dictionary.

"Ilia" is an version of "Elias" and an equivalent to "Elijah".

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech support team (
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