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or even easier is to use the / when ...

Watch as I do it.....

she/he covers ALL possible SEXES!!! smile:-)
Nice job, delete my posts and leave no trace of doing so. You're so dirty Famatech. You know the truth hurts. You are just a bunch of liars.
I just got back from my time machine trip to 2009. Remote Admin is still in version Release Candidate 325. Release CandiDate 9235 will first be released in countries without power. Unfornately without power they may have trouble using the product so it may have to be re-written so it works without having power or even a computer. Release Date therefore has been pushed back to 2039. If Earth still exists in 2038 the news page will be updated. If we can get the MARS API working PERFECTLY then the program should function without power or computers on MARS. You should be able to remote into your microwave on your spaceship to see if your mac and cheese is done also.
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From: #######
Sent: Tuesday, 9 April 2002 11:08 AM
To: ''
Subject: Remote Admin Support


Is Remote Admin still an ongoing concern? My organization purchased the software some time ago and we're interested to see if you're still intending to do any upgrades in future.



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From: Kreitor Andrey []
Sent: Tuesday, 9 April 2002 7:42 PM
To: #######
Subject: RE: Remote Admin Support

We don't have complete list of new features that will be included in v3.0...(it's expected to be released in June, 2002)

Currently we can say that we are going to include :

-Video hook driver under Win2k;

-keyboard lock support;

-blank monitor;

-Full screen support of DOS applications;

-Radmin connection list subfolders;

-interface changes;

-remote install;

-dual monitor support;

-opportunity to set default updates/sec value;

some others

Best regards,
Andrey Kreitor
Famatech Support Team
Sure I could use a dictionary to look up your name, but why would I go through such effort when you have shown none to myself? My question was not about your name, so don't give me a nonsense response. My guess is the people here could care less if you were a man or a woman, they just want to know when 3.0 is coming out. My apologies, I didn't know you were a man.
Damn, and I was going to ask Ilia out - but now I find out she isn't my type smile;-)
Hey it's Friday morning in the US. THe hours are ticking to meet the one week deadline.
Why do you keep deleting posts in this forum? It's obvious there have been more posts after 1/25. Where are the answers at?
This is rediculous. Man you guys can't do anything on time, can you?! hahahaha
Actually in Europe the last day of the week is Sunday. The due date to material publishing is determined.

Best regards,
Alexandra Bazzhina
>Why do you keep deleting posts in this forum?

This is not a "wild hunt" forum, this is a moderated corporate forum.

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech support team (
>If you are having trouble with translating
>from Russian to English,

Please note, that we don't have many questions in Russian, actually alsmost all questions came from English-speaking users, but we wish to make two versions of this off-line interview (English and Russian) and also Dmitri fells more comfortable commenting Russian text. Our CEO is a very busy businessman, so it took some time before he had time to answer. As soon as Alexandra finishes translating to Enslish, she'll post a text of this off-line interview.

>please ask for Ilia Demenkov's help, her


>english is very good and from her


>previous posts, she


If you are not familiar with foregin name and surname systems or Bible, you could at least use a dictionary.

"Ilia" is an version of "Elias" and an equivalent to "Elijah".

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech support team (

Can we assume, dear Elijah (Ilia), you have already been to Mount Carmel to pray for RAdmin 3?
"To always be responsive and responsible to our clients' requests, questions and concerns; to provide maximum assistance in all areas related with using Famatech products."

How about this mission statement. What is your definition of responsive smile:?:
I always thought Sunday was the first day of a new week! Now you are in Europe!? I can't keep up! I don't even know where my car keys are half the time let alone where Famatech is located! smile:-)
Guys when they said next week they are using the same scale used when they said V3 would be released June 02. So we can expect this topic to be answered sometime in 06.
Actually, I expect a future XP SP to replace the need of Radmin. It was cut from SP2 prior to the beta. $^&%$
Well in North America, South America and many other places, the First day of the week is Sunday!
It's actually very interesting. While traditionally the week in the United States starts on a Sunday, the week in Mexico actually starts on Monday. Funny eh? smile:D smile:D
Well, it is Sunday (all around the world) - and still no answers (as promised).
This is just my experience, but when a CEO commits to something - come hell or high water, people in the company make sure it happens, *on time*. It is disappointing to see your company is not the same way. Your CEO (I'm hoping he is getting copies of all these), should be aware his customers are not pleased.

I am however pleased to see you are starting to listen to some of your (faithful) customers, and you have released a beta version of the viewer. Could we expect a copy of the Server to be released in Beta in the next couple days?

Chris A.
Chris A. - well spoken!
Monday morning and...nothing
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