Famatech CEO will answer your questions


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Maybe it was next week after last week before the following week in short of all weeks that begin with Sunday or Monday.

Maybe we can buy the BUSY CEO of Famatech a watch that also keeps the days on it?
Alexandra Bazzhina,

How is the translation coming along? Not trying to be a pest, just curious.


I am trying to be a pest - when you commit to something, *do it*!!

There weren't that many questions asked. How much time does it take to translate "Gee, I don't know when we are going to release it either. I've been waiting along with you guys - man this company sucks when it comes to customer support"
Customer support but more with Customer Relations! HOLY ***** . Didn't Famatech's employees mothers teach them anything!!!

Can you answer any of these questions? I believe we have been waiting patiently. Famatech employees seem to promise things, and not deliver. As the previous poster said, customer relations is really poor with your company. You are already late on delivering on this promise - but at least come through with some answers!

Dear guests!

Please choose polite expressions even you feel disappointed.
The delay in getting back concerns the translation from Russian into English.
By the end of this week you'll be able to read the answers. So we keep our promises. They'll be published in the news column and posted here.

Best regards,
Alexandra Bazzhina.


Could you explain to us what promises you do keep? or maybe what week we should expect answers?
Don't you hate it when your own words come back to bite you on the rump? Ouch :o
Actually in Europe the last day of the week is Sunday. The due date to material publishing is determined.

Best regards,
Alexandra Bazzhina

Ok, the due date came and went - and so is our your customers. As a paying customer, who has also bought support through your company, I don't feel I should be 'begging' you for anything - let alone answers to valid questions.

When can we expect answers? I also sent this to you through your email link, in hopes you decide to answer.

Chris A. :!:
Wow, so Famatech DOESN'T keep their promises huh? Man, are ya'll as surprised as I am, I can hardly stand up from disbelief! WOW!
I'm curious, you have offices in the US - does the translation between offices take weeks?

I guess the Chief Excuse Officer is busy.
If anyone is in business and management they need to understand "making and setting expectations". What Famtech needs to learn is don't EVER set early expectation. If you break them you look like ***** ! And it has happened over and over! You need to set them so at least they are far out in advanced (even though internally you know you will very likely reach that goal) and in most cases you get to them early in the Publics eye (relating to your announced expectation date) and everyone then thinks, "WOW They said it would be three weeks but they delivered in under 2" or something like that! Try that stratagy. And look into the ITIL managemnt stratagy also when you have the chance. Change Management would be a good topic.
"I'm curious, you have offices in the US - does the translation between offices take weeks? "

Yes how does that WORK? It is 2003 you would think you could translate things like this in 30 minutes.
Questions are "answered" here...

although there isnt anything even resembling a straight answer about release time it is worth reading.
See I have been paying attention so much to Famatech's promises I am confused on the year!
Famatech -

I just want to recap on some comments you made:
1. Answers will be had in 1 week
2. Answers will be posted *HERE*

Neither of these were kept. Now we see you post the CEOs answers somewhere else. That is your choice, but it would have been nice to announce it here.

I also notice you are lying about the date it was posted. Your CEO didn't answer and post this information on 2/1/2004 as your website indicates. I showed someone that page just this morning (around 11am EST), and didn't see that link.

I guess when you update the web site, you can put whatever date you like there - just to try an make yourself look better.

How can we continue doing business with a company that can't even keep their word on simple things like this? Why would I continue to purchase support for your product when you don't keep your word?

<<Are you accepting beta testers?

Absolutely! Radmin beta testers are welcome and very much appreciated. Radmin Viewer’s beta is already available from our web site. The only things you need to do to become a beta tester are to fill out the registration form and download the program. If you find a bug just send in a bug report so we can correct the error.>>

When he says this, does he mean that the viewer is all that is available to test? Or can we test the server portion also if we send in the registration form?

Where can this registration form be found on your website? I'm having trouble finding it so please post a link.

Thank you!
currently only viewer beta is available. As to the registration form - there is none because we decided to do without it (you know that it's available for everyone). This interview was made couple of days before the release and then we were going to ask for registration before the download. I hope that explains everything.

Best regards,
Dmitri Kourashev
Famatech VP

P.S. I think it's extremely important to provide some direct way of communication between our company and our customers. So I'm going to start a new topic in the "Goodwishes" section of this forum where I'll be regulary answering your questions. You're welcome!
Thank you to both Alexandra Bazzhina and Dmitri Kourashev for all your hard work! We really appreciate it!

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