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Famatech CEO will answer your questions
BBB is just in the US but as the company said. Most of thier customers are english speaking and I assume most are from the US. The BBB will list companies across seas also so it will be on record for any US companies that wish to check them out. No action can be taken against Famatech but it will go on record in the report.
Ok that's what I thought.
Connecting to joshuadudley1
Server version is 2.1
This connection mode requires Radmin server v3.0 or higher

HAHAHA Nice beta you have out there


How does Famatech make any money at all on RAdmin 2.1? It costs a lot to develop software, and seems to me like $35 per license won't really cover the expense of running a commerical software development shop. I'm sure there is an explanation, but on the surface it does not make sense. Is it somehow connected to the "release date shell game"? I mean, the Beta viewer is lovely but really shows very little new except stylistic changes. Something does not smell right.
Id like to see a implementation of a process killer, like a kind of Ctrl+Alt+Del that is viewed remotely, that the controled computer doesn't display but that allow the controller to terminate an app.
I would like to see version 3 implemented. I don't think we will live that long though.

I hear Famatech is going out of business - is that true?

When will you release version 3 if you are going out of business? Is that the delay? Are you waiting on someone to buy you out, and then release version 3 ?
I hear Famatech is going out of business - is that true?

No, this is nonsense. This is not true.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Famatech Technical Support
That's the way eastern europeans do things
So how about a progress report on RADMIN 3.0 ?

If your not going out of business, you should have a plan for staying in business. This would include updates and new products. So, what plans do we have for RADMIN 3.0, and when should we expect it to arive?
Ok, I run a 2000 Network, so far I have been really satisfied with Radmin. Now the fact that it hasn't had any updates is a problem, but it isn't the end of the world.

Did you guys ever stop to think that this isn't THEIR full time job. I program websites and applications all day to connect to db's, pull up dynamic information, everything, but it's not my full time job. So the project takes longer. Get your guys heads out of your ***es and just deal with it. So what, it was $35 you paid for 1 lisence, so to complain about it is friggin' retarded.


I use DAMEWARE NT UTILITIES as well as RADMIN. I use it because RADMIN doesn't have a PushInstall feature, which is very useful when you have alot of clients. So instead of complaining about this product, go somewhere else and do us all a favor.
It has been mentioned by many of the folks that work for famatech - that they have programmers working on this full time. What could they be doing? Granted the product only cost $35 for a license - many people have bought hundreds of copies. Myself, I've purchased site licenses and influenced a large number of purchases.

As a customer - I expect updates. As a customer, I expect those updates in a timely manner. I also expect that they will work with current technology.

As a famatech customer - I am let down.
Did you guys ever stop to think that this isn't THEIR full time job

Our programmers work fulltime.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Famatech Technical Support
Our programmers work fulltime.

Well if that is the case, then wtf? Let us know what the heck is going on then. Post updates of what you are doing. Only reason I ask this is because YOU, NOT US, made a release date on your website. Did you hold up to that release date, NO, you did not. So to keep your customers up to date on the behind the scenes would completely help us out in the long run. We wouldn't be so friggin' frustrated at you. I know it's your choice, but if you like losing money, then fine. I know I wouldn't come back to a company that gives false promises. I KNOW YOU WOULD NOT EITHER. So don't give me that same old answer. It's on it's way, it's on it's way, it's on it's way. STOP BSing and put something on the table or just FOLD.

:evil: Pissed off customer :evil:
Oh and btw, 3.0 viewer is not always compatible with 2.1, ran into many 2.1 servers rejecting my 3.0 viewer. Just so you know, what your CEO stated, that 3.0 is backwards compatible with 2.1 is a load of donkey doo..
How about a status report? What has been fixed in the last 6 months, and what remains to be fixed? Do you expect RAdmin 3 to be realistically released in the next 6 months?
Yes how about an update!
If the PC you are remoting on win98 is in a frozen state, then no you cannot remote shut down or restart.

Just another example of another way this product fails.
Dude. When a machine hangs, it's already shut down. Sometimes you can't reboot it with the off button on the machine, and have to pull the plug. R_server isn't a kernel, it's a service operating through a working kernel.
And re Win98, it's never been clearly proven that a working kernel is involved at all.
The same complainers here about updates are those that say that Microsoft nails people with too many updates! The product works - use it. If it doesn't do what you need it to - go somewhere else. We are all tired of the whining.
I Love this Post
:D ;) :)

I just got back from my time machine trip to 2009. Remote Admin is still in version Release Candidate 325. Release CandiDate 9235 will first be released in countries without power. Unfornately without power they may have trouble using the product so it may have to be re-written so it works without having power or even a computer. Release Date therefore has been pushed back to 2039. If Earth still exists in 2038 the news page will be updated. If we can get the MARS API working PERFECTLY then the program should function without power or computers on MARS. You should be able to remote into your microwave on your spaceship to see if your mac and cheese is done also.
Hey thanks! I wrote it! Still they haven't proven this wrong or inaccurate! Mac and Cheese anyone?
Dear Dmitri Znosko

I was reading through your responses on the news page about other network tools you are developing. Please don't. Novell 3.1 and Banyan-Vines are no longer in the industry. I say this because, since it is taking you 4 years to just do an upgrade to Remote Admin, you probably started your new network tools project about 6 years ago and are working to create the ultimate Novell 3.1 and Banyan-Vines admin tool. I just thought you would like the heads up concidering Microsoft Longhorn will be beghind us before the 3.0 release will be. :cry:
Great post Mark!

Yes the networking tool for two cups and string is no longer needed also! Please stop production on that !!!
Do you think you could send a beta to ATI?
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