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>here we are in the year 2004 and we have not seen nothing yet

You are not right. You can download public beta of Radmin Viewer 3.0 here:

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech support team (
It is funny how bad you guys want this product out. I do agree that it has been a while for them to come out with a new version, but would you like something buggy as a Microsoft product (constantly patching it up), or would you want something that has minimum issues.

Someone asked "If you would rather have a BMW or a VW in regards to an upgrade?", but I would answer if the BMW had not been tested for saftey I would not buy it.

Imagine the effort they put into version 2.1 and you all are complaining about the issues with it, so just imagine if they just threw a untested version of Radmin and you bought it for you company and it crashed your systems, then you would be complaining that it should have been thoroughly tested.

Just because MS sells buggy OS doesn't mean that Fametech should do the same. Would you by a house that needed as many fixes as a MS program? No so why expect less from them.

I like RADMIN and I too would like a deployment program but I would rather wait for them to get it right then to get a half done program because customers can't wait.

Once again I know it has been a long time but I trust that Famatech knows what they are doing.

The only suggestion I have for those of you that can't wait is to try something else that may meet you needs until they come out with the latest version.

A waiting but satisfied customer
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Yes you are right, Radmin is an amazing product


It has been about 3 years since the last version, we have been deceived about the release date for about a year and a half (and you cannot tell me that that's the way programming goes - I am a programmer myself; true, it happens but not over years ... unless everything REALLY went wrong and they had to start from scratch, it this case, just let us know Famatech), and no one expects Famatech to release a buggy product, all we ask is to help with the testing, if I get a copy of version 3.0, I will use it as Beta, and I will not be ***** if it crashes, but I will try to aid Famatech to release a better product by reporting it to them.

It is a proven method, the more people using it, the better the product is.

Again, Radmin IS an amazing product but it has its flaws (like win 2000 100% CPU usage), it might have been avoided if people could help with the debugging of it.

So PLEASE do not use the “we would like to release a flawless program, there is no such thing (even for Famatech), just let people help out, no one will think bad of you if your BETA release has bugs in it that’s why it is a BETA, and not a final release.

A happy famatech user that feels that Famatech makes a mistake.

I agree with you that version 2.1 is a very good package. However:

<<Just because MS sells buggy OS doesn't mean that Fametech should do the same. >>

I don't think comparing an entire OS like what Microsoft does and a remote control soluion like Famatech is justified. RAdmin's objective is to remote control another system. However, Microsoft's OS runs the entire system! I guarentee that if Famatech decided to create an OS, they would need to release patches and updates. Windows XP already has a built in remote control solution which is very good. I haven't found any "bugs" in it. Of course RAdmin is still better because of the extended features.

So, while I agree with you that RAdmin is great software, you shouldn't compare it to something like an OS. I guarentee that if microsoft was completely devoted to a remote control solution and not OS's, their product would be the best of the market.
I agree with, well Guest. I'd rather get a finished product. Radmin 2.1 is incredibly stable in a world where software running on winderz continually fails and annoys. Radmin 2.1 just works. Imagine that Mr. Gates. Software that just works. Has anyone considered how long it takes to buy bread in Russia?! I mean so it takes a little longer to put out this software than most vendors. People gotta have toast.

Good luck in those bread lines Fametech.

:evil: **** ****** <phrase removed due to referance to Hulk genetalia.> :evil:
I have been a loyal Radmin user for the past year. Generally I have to say that there has been nothing that has come close to Radmin for its full set of features.
HOWEVER on the Linux side I have been using a combination of SSH and TightVNC with greta success in both bandwidth use and security. Best of all they are both free.

I am experimenting with windows version of the smae programs, but I sincerily believe that Radmin 3.0 will be the best solution when it comes out! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us a SECURE solution that also is bandwidth friendly!
FOr example if you minimize a VNC connection the BW utilizaion stops untill you maximize the session again WITHOUT loosing connectivity!

Just a last minute thought!

I eagerly await 3.0! ;)
In v3 please also consider improving the "Send Ctrl + Alt + Del" function. Your CEO states that it only works on NT4 platforms, there has to be a "reasonably" simple way to implement this feature into XP/ME/98 and even 95!
I am now looking at the new viewer. I was hoping that in the "properties of each connection" would contain the option of adding the password if desired. This seems simple enough. If you use the password there it would simply be your choice. But I really get tired of typing my password 50+ times a day.

If you are in a domain environment, and using WinNT user level security - you should be able to connect without a user name and password. I use this all the time. That is as long as you are authorized on the workstation you are trying to connect to.

I've been absent for about about a month - and still no updates. Come on Famatech!

There is no other way to say this:
Your company policy seems to be about lying to paying customers. You promise updates and convince people to buy your product on promises of a new version - but your full of it.

Can we expect anything from you guys?? What about sometime this year?

Recently my company asked me to find best software on the Market for remote administration in a networked internal corporate environment. Now I personally have used RAdmin for sometime now but only for personal use and never for the type of deployment we plan to implement.

However, after reading hundreds of these forum postings the last couple days I do not believe I want present RAdmin as a option.

Personally it bothers me to know that Famatech has made countless excuses on why version 3.0 has not come out nor given a date of release, which leads me to believe that they are at a stand-still in there development.

What you need to understand is that by not providing the honest feedback that your customers are obviously starving for, you are giving yourselves an untrustworthy name in the industry. This in turn will stop a company (Mine) from investing TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

Network Analyst
Based on the items that Famatech has said are still under development, and based on their past history, it seems unlikely that 3.0 will be will be in GM release before Q4-2004. Sometime in 2005 seems much more likely.

If I am wrong, I would be very happy to stand corrected. Mr. Znosko, are you there?

I too have been tasked with finding a network remote control tool for use in an enterprise environment with over 3300 workstations. Previously I have used Radmin as it was better than the rest, but ALL of our computers here use Windows XP. I am afraid to recommend Radmin due to the known issues with the current 2.1 version.
If I'm not mistaken pressing ctrl-alt-delete in Win 98 stops all programs while the task list is displayed, that would include the remote control server, so i think it' kind of out of their hands. There is a free utility out there on the net called Process Explorer wich allows you to look at running programs and kill them just like the task manager, and there's a version for Windows 98, so you could just use that instead. As far as restarting goes, does that radmin function work with Win 98 machines?, I don't have Win 98 available right now to test it.

In v3 please also consider improving the "Send Ctrl + Alt + Del" function. Your CEO states that it only works on NT4 platforms, there has to be a "reasonably" simple way to implement this feature into XP/ME/98 and even 95!
How about just releasing the product?

How long are we going to have to wait?
Nothing to wait for, it won't get released.

We have heard "soon" for 2 years (or was it 3 ???).

Lets face it Famatech, you do not do anything with it.

Building the "new client" probably took a week if design work, some coding, and adding "server V3.0 or above is needed to use this feature.", which is probably just hard coded in, since there won't be anything more ...
And notice in the CEO's reply, that they are working Very hard on a new product... HELLO!! What about poor Old RAdmin :?:
In the ever changing world of technology, hardware and software or playing a game to keep up with each other. Each year a new OS is released and software utilities are always soon to follow. When you look back at reliable software that people use on a daily basis, it is updated on an anual basis and even semi annualy.
Radmin has been a great product for us but with technology changing every day, I feel that the developers of radmin can not keep up with the times. By the time 3.0 is released there will be new security issues to deal with and all new hardware will be out. This is a problem with all software but with Radmin 3.0 being so far behind the issues will be even greater.
So... With this said I leave you with something to ponder.

#1 You have lost another customer even if Radmin 3.0 is released tomorrow. I can not and will not wait another 3 years for an update.
#2 Reporting you to the BBB so anyone and everyone can see what your business practices are.
#3 I will go to any leangths to make sure any and all commpanies I come in contact with see just how you run your business with broken promises and poor customer service

(*NOTE* I have broken NO forum rules here so lets see if you remove this post)
BBB isn't that just in the USA?

Yes I agree in the PC world you can't just take your time to make "the perfect" product unless you want to always be behind the times.
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