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I Love this Post
:D ;) :)

I just got back from my time machine trip to 2009. Remote Admin is still in version Release Candidate 325. Release CandiDate 9235 will first be released in countries without power. Unfornately without power they may have trouble using the product so it may have to be re-written so it works without having power or even a computer. Release Date therefore has been pushed back to 2039. If Earth still exists in 2038 the news page will be updated. If we can get the MARS API working PERFECTLY then the program should function without power or computers on MARS. You should be able to remote into your microwave on your spaceship to see if your mac and cheese is done also.
Hey thanks! I wrote it! Still they haven't proven this wrong or inaccurate! Mac and Cheese anyone?
Dear Dmitri Znosko

I was reading through your responses on the news page about other network tools you are developing. Please don't. Novell 3.1 and Banyan-Vines are no longer in the industry. I say this because, since it is taking you 4 years to just do an upgrade to Remote Admin, you probably started your new network tools project about 6 years ago and are working to create the ultimate Novell 3.1 and Banyan-Vines admin tool. I just thought you would like the heads up concidering Microsoft Longhorn will be beghind us before the 3.0 release will be. :cry:
Great post Mark!

Yes the networking tool for two cups and string is no longer needed also! Please stop production on that !!!
Do you think you could send a beta to ATI?
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