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Load radmin servers off txt file - Save Time -, Save time
I run 18 racks with 8 servers in each. The other day I had to update each server one by one manually. Wow would i love to connect to all of them at once and upload my update to all of them at once... Would this be possible option to add?

Wow 52 views and not one reply... another idea then maybe we would be able to add users without having to open a filetransfer or something like that. And have a option to update every user on our network at once. For instance in my school we have to do monthly updates on the computer labs. It would be great if Radmin could do it.
What kind of updates are you trying to do? It sounds like a vbscript or batch file could do most of it.
All you have to do it export the


Registry key to a .reg file, then click it on all the client machines that you want and it will load in all the servers.
I dont understand exatcly how that would be done. Radmin requires.... explain?
In the help file it gives examples on how to use NT logon scripts to deploy automatically and install as system service

This way each mahine would update itself during logon. All you'd ever need to do is update one copy and the .reg settings when upgrading and you'll be very happy
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