Essential Tools for a perfect remote administration.


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Essential Tools for a perfect remote administration.
After trying many remote administration products and compare them each other, I've got a personal conclusion. None of the remote administration tools I've tried is the best in all its features.
I'm not going to talk here about all of what I've tried, I'm only to say what are the essential tools for this purpose (the remote administration of a computer).
Best for remote control: Remote Administrator 2.1 or VNC Beta 4. I've noticed that VNC is faster than Remote Administrator but I don't put it as the best due to the fact that it's faster cause it take much bandwidth than Remote Administrator to remote control; and I don't put Remote Administrator as the best cause it doesn't display some items and dialog box (for example some % transparent dialog box and some yellow tags) and it doesn't have an option for lower colors like VNC (8 colours). A good point of VNC too is the posibility to remote screen control a computer from a Windows CE handheld PC or other portable devices :o
Best for Web Browser Remote Control: VNC.
Best for File Transfer between machines: Remote Administrator.
Best for Remote Administration on other purposes: RemotelyAnywhere 5.2. Absolutely a GREAT tool. It can take almost ALL the administration of the remote computer in background to the real user and all from the Web Browser with a great security. The bad is that its remote screen control is the worst I've tried. A good point is the posibility to control the remote computer from a PDA or Windows CE oses. Symantec pcAnywhere has similar things than this software but it has few than it and they're worse in my oppinion.
Best for WAP Remote Administration: RemotelyAnywhere 5.2. Yeah!! you can even remotely control your computer from your cell phone :o

So finally I think these three remote administration tools must be installed for a perfect remote administration solution.
I'm not sure if they already added this options on the latest version. I just hope they do as I haven't been able to update from quite some time now.
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