the beta is out!!!! client side anyways


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[ Closed ] the beta is out!!!! client side anyways
it says remote administrator i guess i don't know if that is client and server side or what....I will have to try it out...
Radmin Client = Radmin Viewer

When will the server be released ?
>When will the server be released ?

This is not decided yet. We are still debugging and testing Radmin Server.

Thanks for your quick reply. Looking forward to test the server program. Keep up the good work!!!


Thank you for the release of 3.0 Beta.
Yeah Thanks!
I KNEW IT!!!!!

Well done Famatech!!!

Eagerly looking forward to the server beta and to a fast beta period until release!

Again, congratulations. I knew you wouldn't let us all down. All that vapourware gossip can eat mud now!

PS: Pity all the new features cannot be used without the server beta... Cannot wait!
I too am glad something was released - but can't wait for the server version to be released.

I also won't go overboard with 'all that vapourware gossip can eat mud now' though. How long were we waiting / begging / pleading for this? The since the server code hasn't changed, the view code has to be pretty similar. There are probably some enhancements to hopefully increase performance - but we'll see after some testing. You have however taken one step closer to making me a happy RADMIN customer again.

I will say it does seem to connect and display the screen faster, which is an improvement.
Woah Woah Woah Lek, calm down. Volmsoft viewer has been able to do almost everything this viewer is doing for a long time. The request for an explorer like view and new icons was very very low on the list of wants. The server portion is the only part that actually matters. The high CPU usage on everything past NT is the problem.
Exactly, all the bells and whistles such as chat, voice chat, blank screen are all nice, but it's the hook driver that is really necessary at this point. Of course the compatibility with XP is also a must have.

The viewer is pretty nice I'll admit, I really like the phone book idea. I've had no problems with it thus far, but without the server portion, it really isn't all that different from the RClient program that I downloaded last week.
what a pile of ***** . You can't release half the product and hope everyone will be happy. Release what you have promised. This is just a different interface!

Get the server out.
they haven't done any good work yet,. The interface is different and everything else needs the new server. You will get annoyed for the new server now!

When is it due out or is it a "floating time frame" production again (b*llocks)

Excellent work, thanks! Frankly we're not desperate for the server version - we were mostly after the folders and ability to launch the file transfer window without retyping the password.

One note though, for when the server version is out - can you please make sure we can upgrade it remotely, i.e. using RAdmin 2.1 :-)
Yes, I second the motion for Remote upgrade installs of RAdmin 3.0 Server, using RAdmin 2.1. VERY IMPORTANT!

The new client is very nice and I appreciate your hardwork in creating it... I eagerly await the Server side.
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