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[ Closed ] Remote Admin Viewer 3.0 Beta
Wow definitly much prettier than the last viewer! Are we allowed to post bugs (in the rare case that we find any) in this forum, or only on your report form?

Great job Famatech! I can hardly wait for the server to come out!

>Are we allowed to post bugs (in the rare
>case that we find any) in this forum, or
>only on your report form?

Please, you bug report form at

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech support team (
Share them here also so we can not report the same things! And also be able to see if we can reproduce them.
I've sent this in on a bug report but just wondered if anyone else seeing this.

Basically when I have several remote windows open, my keyboard occasional goes unresponsive. I was rebooting each time thinking it was hardware related, but one time closed all remote windows and the viewer app, and the keyboard returned. This has worked in each instance since.
yes. and i think i've found that if you turn "Full keyboard control" option off, the problem also goes away.
I just experienced the same problem with the keyboard. It is funny, some keys do work - while others don't. The mouse functions perfectly though.

Stopping the RADMIN process cleared up my keyboard problem.

Having more people beta test your product is a good thing :-)
Thanks for releasing the beta.

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