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[ Closed ] Nit Picking the Viewer Beta, _Little_ changes
So far, I can't find anything wrong with the viewer beta in conjunction with the 2.1 server side - good job, Famatech. I'll be interested in seeing the server side once it's out.

There are (so far) three things that I'd like to see added to or changed in the viewer before it goes gold or released:

1 - EITHER a skinnable interface, OR the ability to "Un-XP" the interface and go to something more in line with the old 2.x interface. Toggling between the two would be fine. Some of us use it because it flat out WORKS, and don't put a whole lot of weight into the aesthetics of the viewer interface. The 2.x was fine for many of us, and the new one strikes me as a bit gaudy.

2 - Show a progress indicator when scanning the current folder for active servers - x/y or percentage. It's hard to tell when it's finished scanning.

3 - Change the orange checkmarks and "R" in the icons to red. This is especially noticeable in the "scan for servers" screen. It's easy to miss some of them when the color scheme is 'flat' as it is. I know this involves icons, so I hope it won't slow things down ;-)

Otherwise, a fine job by all, and your capacity for abuse certainly exceeds my own.
One minor but really useful request:

When using File Transfer, it would be great if the client could recall the local directory from the previous session - as well as the previous remote directory of the server you are connecting to
1 - Don't tie the connections to the viewer. Just because I no longer need the Viewer doesn't mean I'm ready to close all my open connections.

2 - Thread the launching of connections so I don't have to wait before launching another connection. Ideal when I have to monitor alot of computers and want to launch the connections quickly.

3 - Implement Copy, Cut, and Paste within the Viewer for quicker, easier connection setup.

4 - Assign shortcut keys to allow me to quickly launch the selected connection icon in whatever manner I choose without having to right-click or change the default in the toolbar.

5 - Actually, I like the new "prettier" interface. I think I can wait on a skinnable interface or whatever....

6 - Support things like Desktop, My Documents, etc... in the File Transfer session. In other words, be more Explorer like.

7 - Put a "refresh" option on the File Manager view to refresh the current selected directory.

8 - Make the dropdown on the File Manager view more like Explorer... as in the Search... For instance, list the drives available and make it possible to browse to the requested folder (in explorer you can scroll to the bottom of the dropdown or hit Pgae Down).

9 - In the Windowed view of Full Control mode (not full screen) put up a toolbar that contains the most common items available by clicking the top corner icon. A "for instance" is we usually have the machines we monitor set so that the Taskbar autohides. Often times we can't get to the taskbar no matter how much we move the mouse along the bottom without sending the "Ctrl-Esc". Also, the clipboard functionality is something I frequently use.

10 - We should be able to drag and drop a file from anywhere onto the File Manager window to transfer a file. Should be quite simple to implement...

11 - I'm not seeing how we're supposed to get to secondary monitors once the new server is out on the machine we're controlling. That was a feature that was listed to be in this release. I sure hope it makes it. I really need that.

Thanks for finally releasing a beta. This shows us you are still alive.

First I want to say - please continue with your work on the server and maybe release a beta of the server as soon as possible. Don't mind the complaints about the viewer beta - including mine :-)

Second: Up to now I was not able to crash it or produce some very unexpected behaviour - so: godd work :-)

This is just a report about things I've noticed while playing around a bit. Some of these should be fixed for final release, but the primary goal must be to get a working release.

- I really appreciate the new "Hotkeys for Remote Screen Window" setting. But the list of available keys is too limited. Especially I'm missing the "INS"-Key. I'm used to this key from VMWare and it's quite intuitive because it's located just above the "DEL" key which normally is being used while loggint in trough CTRL+ALT+DEL

- Using different keyboard layouts on the client and server still produces very strange results: the server receives neither the key pressed on the client nor the key associated with the layout on the server but instead something very different.

- I strongly support the request of my precedessor to NOT close all Viewer windows when accidentally closing the main window. This was always annoying and still is.

- I was a bit disappointed to see that the new release does no longer work with WINE, so I would have to use the old viewer on my linux at home. I've not yet tried WINE's full screen window emulation instead of managed windows, but the latter does not work at all.
It seems to be a keyboard focus problem. Maybe I'll try again with full screen emulation at the weekend.
I have had a strange problem using a remote VERY Slow link to a server. I couldn't use the keyboard, the keys came through as if they were in a different character-set. I used V2.1 and all was well!! Then when I reconnected back with V3, it was working.

Very strange.
There's no use to post recommendations or bugs here. Use BUG REPORT form at

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech support team (
There's no use to post recommendations or bugs here. Use BUG REPORT form at

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech support team (

Ilia - These aren't bugs. I originally started this thread to point out some minor tweaks that I thought would be nice to add before release. The intent was to suggest things that could be easily "bolted on" to the beta version and require minimal testing. The bug report (IMHO) should be used for bugs, and with the beta being (so far) as solid as it is, I don't think the form is going to be used very much... :)

Many thanks for you comments Ilia, but if you took the time to check, I have already filled in the BUG REPORT.
>The bug report (IMHO) should be used for bugs

We do have "Recommendation" severity status (among Trivial bug, Minor bug, Major bug, Critical bug and Crash) in bug report form. You can use it for posting recommendations for Radmin Viewer 3.0 beta (but not feature requests!)

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech support team (
Ilia - I just tried to send a bug report / recommendation, but got 404'ed when I hit the Submit button...
Just hit back and resubmit. The same happened to me and then it worked fine when I retried.
Is it me or does it look like that software that russian dude released 2 years ago....

Viewer is Great! Famatech. Finally some proof there is a new version coming.. Can't wait to see the server side. Our Company has been using 2.1 since its release and we have been waiting on some of the improvements that you are including in 3.0 (Lock remote mouse & Keyboard) Can't wait, when do expect to beta the server?
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