New user: Using Radmin with XP to control Win2k


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New user: Using Radmin with XP to control Win2k

Downloaded trial last night and it looks fantastic... good enough to buy (and a real bargain c/p other remote control products like PCne-ware).

Before I play with Radmin, can anyone tell me if what I want to do is feasible? Two questions, about XP Home and XP Pro...

From home, I'd like to remote control my mother's Win2k Pro machine - I'm on an ADSL connection, but she has only a 56K V90 modem. Both of us are using Zone Alarm, hers is freeware, mine the Pro version.

Should the above setup work, or is there anything I should know? Does Radmin 2.1 work OK with XP? I see refs to an XP driver but it looks like it's not yet available??

Second question: Assuming I don't want to upgrade to XP Pro at home, and use remote desktop... Could I drive my office XP Pro box from my XP home machine, and vice versa? The Univ I work in is firewalled... what inbound ports would I need to have opened up?

And finally, what about driving my home machine (or my mother's Win2k box) from the office XP system ie. which outbound ports would need to be opened?

Sorry for the length of this... excited about finding this apparent solution to my r/c needs! :)


You can use Radmin v2.1 on XP. Just be aware of the only two known XP-related problems:

1. Radmin & XP's Remote Desktop/Remote Assistance interaction. The connection may fail if they are used together at the same time...
2. If you use User Switching under XP then Radmin will fail to connect correctly.

There are no known problems running Radmin viewer under XP.

Fully XP compatible version 3.0 with many another features is being developed. Nevertheless, lots of our clients do use Radmin v2.1 under XP. Upgrades to 3.0 are free of charge for registered users.

Radmin server can use any tcp port (by default 4899 is used).

Radmin viewer uses ports assigned by a system.
They are randomly assigned by the operating system as needed. (As a rule communication ports from 1023 to 65,535 are available. )
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