Here you can post all your general questions directly to Famatech VP


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Here you can post all your general questions directly to Famatech VP

It has been nearly 4 months since the questions were answered by the Famatec CEO concerning RAdmin 3. What updates do you have? what progress has been made?

Is the video hook driver completed yet? How about the other server modules? When can we expect a release?
VP not answering questions in this forum anymore?

Or has it been picked up by the other Famatech forum moderators?

He hasn't posted anything in a month.

How is Radmin 3 server development coming? What progress has been made? What is the status of the video hook driver? What is the status of the other server modules? What is the status of the new security features?

It is now June, 2004.
I'm here and ready to reply any questions.
Just FYI - though Radmin Server 3.0 development is still on the way, we'll include all new security features into the current version and it will go live on the next week (till June 12th). Sorry for keeping all other modules for so long but we decided to update our security sooner.

Best regards,
Thanks for the reply,

I would just like to make sure that I understood you correctly. You will be releasing an update to the current version (2.1) on June the 12th which has the new security features implemented?

Please correct me if I'm mistaken.

Thanks again,

You will be releasing an update to the current version (2.1) on June the 12th which has the new security features implemented?

Yes, this is true. Update (Radmin 2.2) with improved security will ne released within days.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Famatech Technical Support
Thank you for clearing that up. I can hardly wait for the update.

<<So hey, here's a thought. Why not include the hook driver in version 2.2?

In fact, if it was possible to release a 2.2. all along, then why didn't you release a hook driver years ago?

Why did you in fact LIE to everyone and say that it was impossible to release 2.2. cause you were already knee deep in version 3?

Dmitri? >>

Two reasons.

1) Development on the video hook driver is not completed.

2) Even if it were completed, the code would not work with the current RAdmin version 2.1.

This has already been answered before.
Dmitri Kourashev,

Where is the update? I was told to expect RAdmin v2.2 on the 12th of June and now it is June 15th.

What is the reason for the delay?

Dear Pat,

unfortunately we could not make it on the last week. However it will go public within a few days.

Please, notice that this update is mostly security update and it does not include any of the new developed features except new security module. You were absolutely correct that we just can not make any 'partial' release of 3.0 just because it's using the new connection protocol. So we had to remake almost all program modules.

Best regards,
Ok, please keep us updated with the progress.
Now you can download 2.2 from Note, that it's just 2.2, not 3.0 :)

Best regards,
Dmitri Kourashev
Dmitri Kourashev,

Is there a place where I can see the changes from 2.1 to 2.2? From what I can see it looks pretty much the same, I don't see any extra security options?
If you install the program and open the viewer, go to Help|Help and select About Remote Administrator.

There is a topic called What's new in version 2.2...
OK thanks I didn't bother to install the viewer since I'm using the 3.0 viewer. I'll try what you suggested.

just in case you can see the list below:

1) New, fully OS-integrated NT security system with NTLMv2 support. Now permissions for Radmin connections can be given to users from trusted domains and Active Directories. Also, our users will see a familiar security GUI from the Windows OS series.

2) Smart protection from password-guessing and DOS-attacks. This protection includes the following features: anti-hacker delays, attacker IP banning, etc.

3) Server password protection. Now the server software actively protects encrypted password hashes, which are stored in the system registry. Only a user with administrator privileges can access this registry branch.

4) To prevent incorrect Radmin server configurations, it now cannot be used without a password or NT security. Blank password installs are no longer possible.

5) Radmin server now starts as a service only on Windows NT/2000/XP, which greatly improves security.

We're going to publish more info about that on our website.

Best regards,
Is Dmitri Kourashev still answering questions via this forum? I sent him an e-mail about a week ago and never received a response.


Yes, I'm here.

Ok...I'll just go ahead and resend that e-mail.


Did you receive my e-mail? I sent it via the "Send E-mail" function of your forums.


Pat, I'm afraid I havn't received it. Please, send it to me directly.
Thank you kindly sir.
Did you receive my e-mail this time? I sent it to you directly, not through the website.

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