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Dmitri Kourashev,

Could you tell us how many programmers are working full time on the RAdmin 3.0 project? Did any of these programmers work on the Radmin 2.0 - 2.1 product?

we don't publish that in the news but it has been updated once. See the message from our tech. guys

I can add that we have yet not found any serious bugs. All these things were small corrections mostly related to usabilty. So we've added some message boxes dialogs, warnings and so on.

Best regards,
Dear Guest,
of course, the number of programmers working on 3.0 is not a secret. We have five developers working fulltime on this. However I'd request not to discuss here this inormation in particular and our company policy in general. We're trying to be maximum open to our users so we maintain this forum, although sometimes we suffer from this :( Of course, I appreciate our users loyalty and understanding.

Hi Kourashev,

could you tell us if we can expect the feature of having 'My Documents' and 'Desktop' shortcuts in the File Transfer dialog to be included in version 3.0 final?

I ask this because many of us have been missing this time-saving feature for very long, and it seems very easy to implement. Maybe we are in time?

Thank you, best regards.
Dmitri Kourashev,

Hello again my friend, I have a question for you that hopefully you can answer.

A lot of RAdmin users, myself included, really would like the option to connect through a proxy server, similar to what AOL Instant Messnger has. Just an extra line to input the proxy's IP address and the port number would suffice. In my case, the proxy server that I use is a linux machine, so it's impossible to use RAdmin's connect through host option. I also do not want to open any ports on my firewall.

Is there any chance that this option could be implemented? I don't imagine adding something like this would be all that difficult and I guarentee that current customers would be very pleased.

Also, if this is not possible, at least provide an option to use the proxy settings that are listed in "Internet Options". That would provide the same effect.

Thank you kindly sir,

It's been a long time now without updates on the development state of the server v3.0, and this thread seems to have died down.

How is it going Dimitry? Are close or far from release? Any chance of an updated release estimate?

Could you spare also some minutes to answer those two last questions from Pat and myself?


Well, thank you for your suggestions. I have forwarded the to our developers, I hope they consider them for future plans. It's them who decide.

of course, we work on the server part but honestly I do not have any news to share right now.

Dear Dmitri Kourashev,

I have used your software from the days of Version 1. something. Now I can tell you that I registered the software at that time because of the statements on the web site about your support via e-mail and the promise of free upgrades to registered users.

Now all of that sounds nice. But here are the facts.

1)I have e-mailed your support group 5 times in the past year alone and have still to this date gotten a returned e-mail. Now why is that? I did read somewhere in a forum on this site or something about changing you e-mail address that you register with. I registered with but now use the reason is simple. My business has grown and I like the .net over the .com. So I wrote your support people now several times on this, still no reply. And I hope that reply is not going to be you need to by a new copy! Because if that is the case I feel you need to make your next programming project a customer contact management software package so you are able to keep in touch with people that buy your software.

2) I have registered to be a beta tester for your company several times. From about 4 different e-mail address and not a reply on any of them as well.

3)Updates and feedback to customers in the on-line world is key! The sooner your company gets on the ball and understands that you will be successful.

4)I just wrote a two page letter to the following fine folks, ZDNet, PC World, Network World, Windows .net, Tucows, Info World, and the Producers of TechTV here in the United States. I will be happy to send you a copy but as you can tell sending a copy to is not going to get it to anyone in my onion.

In closing I will say this; I did like what version 2.1 had to offer. Iím not looking for better features at this time. Some fixes and updates are nice. But I think you will find that most of the people that are posting on your site are upset because of the following:

You held a carrot of great features in front of customer and registered users so long with dates you were unable to make with little to no explanation. Getting peoples hopes up and making them feel like there is no end in site makes people loose faith in a company and what it will deliver to its customers.

Just so that you know I read the posts here almost every week. I donít see a lot of hope for your company at this point. And trust me when I say this, You donít know me or my company but I have been burned by others. And when that happens I love taking it to the media. Sound bites are wonderful. Just ask ComCast.
Dear George,
thank you for using our software for so long. We'll do our best to assist you with growing you company and I really appreciate all your cocern or suggestions.

As to your e-mails - Famatech policy is to reply every e-mail we receive either from our registered customers or prospective customers. In fact I personally investigate every issue when I know that the customer have not received the reply. So the only possible reason for what you describe could be e-mail problems. That is a real issue because we receive many thousands e-mails daily and only a small portion of them are not spam. What I can suggest you is to use our feedback form if you have not received any reply within 2 business days.

Let me know if I can be of any assistance further.

Thank you,
Dmitri Kourashev

It has been nearly 4 months since the questions were answered by the Famatec CEO concerning RAdmin 3. What updates do you have? what progress has been made?

Is the video hook driver completed yet? How about the other server modules? When can we expect a release?
VP not answering questions in this forum anymore?

Or has it been picked up by the other Famatech forum moderators?

He hasn't posted anything in a month.

How is Radmin 3 server development coming? What progress has been made? What is the status of the video hook driver? What is the status of the other server modules? What is the status of the new security features?

It is now June, 2004.
I'm here and ready to reply any questions.
Just FYI - though Radmin Server 3.0 development is still on the way, we'll include all new security features into the current version and it will go live on the next week (till June 12th). Sorry for keeping all other modules for so long but we decided to update our security sooner.

Best regards,
Thanks for the reply,

I would just like to make sure that I understood you correctly. You will be releasing an update to the current version (2.1) on June the 12th which has the new security features implemented?

Please correct me if I'm mistaken.

Thanks again,

You will be releasing an update to the current version (2.1) on June the 12th which has the new security features implemented?

Yes, this is true. Update (Radmin 2.2) with improved security will ne released within days.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Famatech Technical Support
Thank you for clearing that up. I can hardly wait for the update.

<<So hey, here's a thought. Why not include the hook driver in version 2.2?

In fact, if it was possible to release a 2.2. all along, then why didn't you release a hook driver years ago?

Why did you in fact LIE to everyone and say that it was impossible to release 2.2. cause you were already knee deep in version 3?

Dmitri? >>

Two reasons.

1) Development on the video hook driver is not completed.

2) Even if it were completed, the code would not work with the current RAdmin version 2.1.

This has already been answered before.
Dmitri Kourashev,

Where is the update? I was told to expect RAdmin v2.2 on the 12th of June and now it is June 15th.

What is the reason for the delay?

Dear Pat,

unfortunately we could not make it on the last week. However it will go public within a few days.

Please, notice that this update is mostly security update and it does not include any of the new developed features except new security module. You were absolutely correct that we just can not make any 'partial' release of 3.0 just because it's using the new connection protocol. So we had to remake almost all program modules.

Best regards,
Ok, please keep us updated with the progress.
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