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Radmin 3.0 icons
It's been mentioned already in one of the other forums, but I wanted to to say that I completely agree that there should be a 'classic look' option, to change from the pretty round XP style icons to ones resembling those from RAdmin 2. I personally don't run Windows 2000 Fisher Price Edition (XP), and it looks really bad to have one program looking so out of place. Thanks, and I hope this isn't too hard to add.
The server will probably be released when it's done. It seems like famatech is putting a lot of effort into coding the server, and not solving problems with quick & dirty hacks.
That's a good thing, but it takes time.
Shutup and wait. :)

BTW. I think the icons are nice.
What do you think about 16 color icons? You can view them if you switch to 256 or 16 colors. They are old style, so can be used as "classic interface".
You guys are so sad about the look of the product, i think they've done a nice job with the icons; but lets face it, it needs to work properly, and the rest is not really that important. Of is it just meee?
Dmitri my friend,

I wouldn't worry too much about the interface at this point, it looks great as it is. It really doesn't matter how the program looks, it just needs to function properly. Don't take 2 more months trying to create a new interface. Instead, devote your time to getting the RAdmin 3.0 server modules ready for testing.


You people have it all wrong!

It has nothing to do with icons, security, testing, protocols or anything like that. It all got to do with licensing. In version 2.1 you purchased a license and was supposed to be honest about it. If you purchased one client/server license you should only install it on one client and server but many people installed it on more machines than the license was for.

Now, in version 3.0 they are trying to keep you from doing just that. They have not found a working model yet. They are not sure how to do it. All they know is they want to lock the license to keep you honest. If you purchase one license you will only be able to install it on one client and server etc. This is whats taking so long. We can all complain and jump up and down but nothing will help. This is the way they want to move and that is it. It does not take a rocket scientist to read between the lines of all their feedback on these fourms to get the picture of what they are doing.

I bet that's what they're doing all these shadow updates to V2.2 every few days for! Disabling serial numbers that have gotten out to the War3z scene.
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