To all the angry North Americans...


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To all the angry North Americans...
Hi ***** North Americans

This message is directed to the very very few amongst you who have chosen to submit messages to these forums which make thinly veiled racist comments about Russians.

I am afraid I have some great news for you guys - The Cold War is Over! Yes, it's true. I read it in the paper.

Isn't that wonderful? We can all go home to momma and stop worrying about those ***** commies now.

And guess what! I have some even better news - especially for those of you that are nostalgic for that good'ol home-baked McCarthyism rhetoric - we're starting a NEW WAR with the Islamic people of the world! Yes that's right.

So now you can find some small software company run by Muslims and post messages on their forums about how all their names sound the same and how Muslims are renown for scamming and hacking everyone so watch out - the same messages you have been posting here about Russians as a matter of fact!

Or, as an alternative, perhaps you can take your Rambo-like aggression and join your army and go invade some country that refuses to give your Presidents business interests some oil for free. Perhaps if you keep looking around hard enough, you'll find Dimitri hiding in a pit with his Hook Driver of Mass Destruction!

(oh - and just like one of our US friends that posted a message here for all us stupid people, I'd better inform you that these comments are meant to be Sarcastic okay?)

Hey - wait a minute - Sarcastic sounds a bit like... "Satanism"! Oh my lord - quick Tex, get my gun...
Nice work!
Having a language issue doesn't make anyone a racist. now finding Dimitri hiding in a pit with his hook driver - now that is funny.

:D :D :D
How does this fit under Good Wishes?
I just want Fametec to stop standing in those long ***** bread lines and finish me software.. grrrr.

:evil: <Comment removed due to references to Hulk genetalia.> :evil:
Still shortages on bread?
"Perhaps if you keep looking around hard enough, you'll find Dimitri hiding in a pit with his Hook Driver of Mass Destruction!"

I found that to be very funny :D , and as a proud American, I don't support any racist comments made towards famatech, but with that said, if you take the time to read thru the forum you'll find that many ( ***** )north americans, have put their jobs on the line by telling their boss a new version of the software we invested in will be out shortly only to find out it is not.

And no return on an investment is called what?

But its very nice how Famatech has not deleted many of the posts people have made, or is it that they have stoped looking in the forum?
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