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Famatech - a unique company
Remote Administrator is one of the best remote administration tools out there. The product has the potential to satisfy a complete user base.

However, I have never seen anything like the company behind the product. Rarely does one meet a company whose public relations fail so completely to satisfy users. Time frame after time frame is consistently broken, and promises are outright never fullfilled.

Attempts to request information from the team is always futile, even though the company has a dedicated "PR manager". All one gets in reply to questions are general and diffuse, sometimes outright cryptical, replies.

The company seems to take no interest in what their most loyal users think. The most precious user base is the hurdle of users hanging out in the forums actively involving themselves in the product. Why neglect these so extremely as you currently do?

Please don't take this as a personal insult, and please don't delete this post. If you do, it is just another example of the complete neglect of your community.

Well said!
I think the only reason Famatech released the viewer beta is because of months of complaining on the part of their faithful customers.


All users’ suggestions are examined by technical support staff. A lot of features built in version 3.0 resulted from the requests. There are several ways to inform us about your wishes and all of them must be well-known to you. The easiest way is to post your wishes here:
Also the requests for further enchancements may be sent to

2) Our development and release policy has been explained by CEO. In one’s eyes it may have advantages and disadvantages both. But the only thing to say definitely is that this policy results in the reliable, bugs and patches free product.

3) >> Attempts to request information from the team is always futile, even though the company has a dedicated "PR manager". All one gets in reply to questions are general and diffuse, sometimes outright cryptical, replies.

I realize that some answers may have disappointed you or seemed fuzzy. Please pay attention on these links
I think this information will be of your interest.

Best regards,
Alexandra Bazzhina

Yep, sure there has been some movement on the PR front of late - of very very late.

These forums have been raging for over 12 months now. Famatech took almost as long to start responding as you've been taking to release version 3. Your failure to communicate effectively to your client base has been extreme.

I suppose it is to Famatech's credit that your product is so very good that your customers have been prepared to stay on board for the long term - despite the complete and utter contempt that you as a company clearly hold for them.

A good business is much more than a product Alexandra - and you should take no pride in working for Famatech.
You make some great points!

Here is what I would have said years ago:
"Famatech is a great company, and makes a great product! RADMIN rocks. "

Today my comments wouldn't be so supportive.

Famatech made a wonderful product, years ago! The guys that wrote it, should be very proud of their product. It appears RAdmin is your only real product, and it was very successful. Success needs to be followed up on. Famatech has sat back and done nothing with their product for years. It is like the developers went on a multi-year vacation after the release of version 2.1.

I don't believe a company can sit back and not do anything with their product for years. Initially Famatech was releasing upgrades and patches for RADMIN, but then you stopped. Famatech had some motivation and drive - but they lost it somewhere along the lines. The employees that allowed this should be ashamed.

You should have continued to release updates - video hooks for windows 2k and deployment methods are the first enhancements that come to mind. You can't say these aren't important items - your customers are/have been asking for these, for years.

In a small company (Famatech is small), each employee should feel a sense of pride for the success of the company. They should also feel ashamed for the failures.
Keep in mind that if you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Your customers are complaining - in hopes you get back on track and start treating them like the lifeblood of your company.
Dear Guests,
please, don't do so unfounded statements about our company. We do our best to treat our customers in the best way. So we provide all of you with free of charge technical support, we've made this forum specially for you - for those ones who can share their experience, their ideas. We always hoped that this forum could be benefitial either for company so for its customers. We plan to do tons of other things.
Of course, I understand your emotions. I know that you've got accustomed to the software developers updating their products monthly even weekly with 'critical updates' and so on. I understand that out attitude may seem a bit weird for you. Indeed, sometimes we ignore some emotional statements that we can see here even knowing that they come from our respected customers. But probably it's just because we're not standard or typical software company. That's why Radmin 2.1 is such as you know it, that's why you wait for so long for the update. You can't treat this separate. Please, give us some time and we appreciate your patience.

Best regards,
Dmitri Kourashev
Famatech VP

With respect, you are missing the point with all of this.

Nobody can deny that as a company, you have the right to release updates etc at the time of your choosing.

However, it is expected of your company that you communicate your intentions as clearly and as accurately as possible.

On many occasions, various Famatech staff - yourself included - have given timeframes for upgrades that have vastly underestimated the time to completion. In early 2002, I was told to expect version 3 within a couple of months.

This in itself is not a hanging offence, and it would not have been so great a problem if at some time in the past two years a clearly visible statement had been issued on your site which explained that the version 3 release date was to be pushed back, accompanied with an explanation as to why.

An occasional official response buried in your forums does NOT constitute a clear and visible statement!

It is very probable that many people paid for your product on your promise to release upgrades which included features that were conditional to their purchase. Those people have now been waiting for up to two years to get the product they believed they were paying for.

They deserved to be kept up to date. The fact that some of these people are now outraged is really only because of Famatech's unwillingness to communicate.

Your recent attempts to rectify this are commendable.

You are correct, RADMIN was - and still is a great product. That is the only reason I am still hanging around.

I disagree with Famatech's stand on updates. We all live in a Windows world - and patches are a fact of life. MS releases a large number of patches for their software, but they also release enhancements. I purchased RADMIN when you were a smaller company then you are today, and you did release updates. I appreciated this, and liked your company more for that. Your sales department was also quick to answer questions - and promise ongoing support (which I had purchased). I don't see a reason to patch RADMIN (as it works well), but I do see the need for enhancements. A Windows 2k video driver should have been released, along with a deployment program. Both the video driver and the deployment program would have been seen as enhancements - and greatly appreciated.

The term "PATCH" is a negative term that nobody in the IT industry likes, but everyone loves an enhancement (as long as it works ;-).

It is the right of your company to release updates when you like, but as a customer it is my right not to agree with you. Hopefully we can both agree on that :-)

Like 'Guest', I am impressed in your recent attempts to become more customer focused - and I hope that attitude doesn't disappear after the release of RADMIN 3.0.

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