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Viewer/Server request, Radmin 3.0 Request
I have a request for a feature that has already been partially integrated. Just as we now have the options to setup "new connection" defaults in 3.0, I would like to see this idea expanded.
1. Continue having the root folder hold global defaults (that we can change, as is now) while each subfolder has the ability of holding it's own defaults (that we can change) or taking on global settings.

2.a Another part of this idea is that if an existing connection is moved between folders to have it automatically take on the setting from it's new location folder.

2.b Second part to the second idea involves the server side. When moving connections between folders server side setting would be pushed to serve software on the remote workstation.

As an example my company has two different license codes, one for our main building and another for our off-sites. I also have different viewer setting to those off-site workstations in an attempt to reduce bandwidth usage. In an attempt to maintain the proper code on the correct machine I would like to be able to setup the code on the location folder so that when I move the connection icon it automatically pushes the appropriate code to the server software and automatically change the viewer settings. In other words I would like to have the sub-location folders have the ability to hold setting different from my global setting that any connection would automatically import when moved into the folder. Both viewer and sever settings. Thank you for time.

We've included your suggestions into our Wishes list.

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech support team (
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