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Proxy support
Can you add proxy support, this is to connect troug a proxy server at my work???
It is already implemented in Radmin 2.1.

There are two solutions to access remote computer behind a router/firewall/proxy. The first is configuring an intermediate host to forward all connections on port 4899 to the target computer. The second is installing an additional copy of RAdmin Server on an intermediate host and using "Connect through host" option when connecting to the target computer.

"Connect through host" option (available when creating new connection in RAdmin Viewer) lets you to connect through an intermediate host when there is no direct TCP/IP connection with the computer you want to administer, but an intermediate computer (or host) does have a direct TCP/IP connection to both your target computer and to your local computer. RAdmin server must be running on such an intermediate (host) computer for this to work. Example: You have a local network without a direct connection to the Internet. However, there is one computer on that network that does has a direct connection to the Internet. If you install RAdmin server on that computer to make it an intermediate host, you can connect the other computers in the local network to the Internet through that intermediate host.

Note: If NT security permissions are used, it's advisable to grant users Redirect Right.

RAdmin uses 4899 TCP port by default. You can open such a port on the router/firewall. Another solution is to change the RAdmin port number - on both the Server and the Viewer - to the value of a port that is already open on your router/firewall. If your firewall works under Windows you can install and start the RAdmin Server on it. Then you can connect using 'Connect through host feature of the viewer. Sometimes only the router has a public IP address. In this case you have to configure 'Forwarding' on a router/firewall. Configure the router to forward connections from some port on the router to a specific IP address and port (the default port of RAdmin server is 4899) of the computer on your internal network. You need to assign a port on the router for each computer you need to access. After that, to connect to a computer behind the router/firewall from the Internet you need to specify the IP address of the router and the port on the router that corresponds to your computer in the internal network. The router will then forward connections to computers in the internal network.

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech support team (

I believe this person was asking if the server module could have a web server built in so he could access his computer from behind a Squid proxy server. One that he has no control over to be able to install the Radmin Server module and connect through another Radmin server. I believe this enhancement would be befificial to everyone who has a need to access a remote computer from behind such a firewall. I know I would. Such an enhancement might envolve adding a small web server with SSH secure connection and also adding Java module to download to a client web browser. An option to enable/disable this feature would be good as well. Just my thoughts about it.

I mean, why can't i fill in connect trough proxy server, where i can fill in the address of the proxy server on wich port it is and where i can fill in my user en password, i am on my work and i can not control the proxy server. That why i asked support for proxy server... another option is what John mentioned.

Ik hope you can make a feature in the new radminviewer to connect trough proxy server :?:

wil somebody react??

I completely agree with you! What a great option that would be! I am planning on making it so the only traffic in the entire network has to go through the proxy server first. As my proxy server is a linux machine, it's difficult to use RAdmin's "Connect through Host" option.

Ilia Demenkov, if you are confused on exactly what we are trying to ask for, than please look at Aol Instant Messenger's options for proxy servers. That program actually will search for your proxy server and find a port that works for it!

It would be very nice to have something like this and I don't think it would be too difficult to add. Please respond.

>it's difficult to use RAdmin's "Connect through Host" option.

In this case you should use "port forwarding".

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech support team (

Maybe I am missing what you are trying to tell us. These users including myself can not use "Port Forwarding". We have no access to the corporate firewall/proxy to forward a port. Machines such as these in the corporate environment are locked up tighter than a bank vault. Only a very small group of people control these machines and only an act of Congress (at least in the U.S.A.) can get anything changed on these machines. We need the developers to give us the ability to use Radmin through corporate proxy servers that no one has control of similar to the way other programs do it maybe like what AOL does. As I suggested in a prior posting maybe include a small secure web server in the server module and access it through a Java viewer or something else. Does anyone else have any ideas on the subject?

Sounds to me like you shouldn't sign your name to that message ;-)
Someone from your companies security team might be reading.

All kidding aside, the ability to proxy through a machine (this would only work inside to out) would be a nice feature.

The downside to this, you are trying to get around your companies security policy. In my company - this could get you fired.

Mine company would not like bypassing their security policy either. I think some type of tunneling protocol would be good as well.

I'm going to ask the VP for the proxy feature to be added.
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