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Command-line file transfer?, Feature request/question about command-line file transfer
I know it is possible to connect to a server from the command-line to invoke a file transfer connection using:

radmin /connect:IP:port /file

But I would like to know/request if it was possible to invoke a file transfer via the command-line, maybe like:

radmin /connect:IP:port /file [source file] [destination path and file]

Use FTP or TFTP.
Well, I want to automate the process of updating my servers with files in their StartUp directory, so how would I incorporate FTP/TFTP into the radmin command-line?
Both FTP and TFTP are insecure. Possibility to encapsulate file transfer within radmin connection is much more secure...
But I still have not figured out how to automate this process of connecting to a fixed list of host machines (tab/comma delimited in a text file) and then updating each by uploading a file to a specified directory, and then executing such file.

I plan to automate the process of upload a batch file that would clean out unnecesary files in certain directories, and add certain shortcuts to the StartUp directory.

Has anyone accomplished this task effectively using radmin? I have over 50 systems I have to update on a school network, and any help would be great!
There are many applications that allow you to centrally manage software/settings/policies on an NT network and it's workstations. I don't believe Remote Admin. is the best tool for this.
The computers aren't all linked up to the same network because of security reasons... =/
None the less, I don't believe Remote Admin is the best tool to use for what you are asking. I may be wrong but if I was needing to keep machines updated like this I would look for other avenues. Just my 32 cents worth.
It's not just to update machines, I also want to be able to monitor what the students are doing on the computer.
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