Automatic logins (a.k.a. Save Password): solution


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Automatic logins (a.k.a. Save Password): solution
If you're interested in this functionality, please take a look at

Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Note: I don't want to spam here, but since I posted a feature request about this here before, I thought I'd let everyone know about this extension to RAdmin. Hope Famatech doesn't mind...

If you're using RAdmin you might know of the possibility to provide a /connect: parameter to connect directly to a server. However, it provides no option to log in automatically, you have to enter the password every time. After a conversation with the authors (Famatech) it became clear they weren't going to implement it due to "security reasons". Personally, I feel that it's my choice to store the login information, and believe my computer is adequately protected to do so.

I think it should be up to the user to decide whether he wishes to use the 'save password' option or not.

I personally think it's a must :evil:
... or at least, please make it so that passwords have to be entered only once per radmin session (ie save the pass into memory only, or whatever)

I always keep radmin viewer in the running in the background but connect/disconnect from the servers too many times per session.

And it's really disturbing having to retype (or cut and paste) the password each time.
I agree, though for now I gave up any hope of it being implemented :). I have nothing against the Famatech guys, I requested it they said it wasn't going to be implemented, end of conversation for now, so I built my own tool to do it...

Perhaps some day it'll become integrated, which would be a much better solution of course. As said, RAdmin is only as secure as the whole system, and more importantly: it's user. For features such as this one, RAdmin should inform and advice, not enforce...

Either way, I did discover a rather nasty bug in my application, so far it affects MSN Messenger and Outlook; MSN Messenger crashes at startup and Outlook wrongly sizes it's message viewer... these are definitely related to RAAutoLogin running, so there's a bug in the hook somewhere... no solution yet, but I will look into it... either that or find a way to wrap the RAdmin Viewer (so you can call raautologin.exe /connect:host instead of radmin.exe) and make the hook less intrusive in the rest of the system, preventing any bugs from messing up anything else...

Works very well, though I'm concerned about the bugs you are talking about. I haven't experienced any as of yet, hopefully it will remain that way.

Where are the encrytped passwords stored?

Very nice, thanks a lot

Glad to hear. Already working on a new version which will wrap RAdmin so when a bug in the hook is discovered (I'm not perfect after all) it will not affect other running programs...

The passwords are stored in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RAdmin\v3.0\Passwords (the "v3.0" key is used even if you're running the 2.1 viewer). They are encrypted, I won't tell how of course. Even though the encryption is industry-strength (in other words; I didn't put together a simple XOR or something like that), once someone finds out how I did it they can easily decrypt it all, so that's why I'm not saying it's secure to store your passwords...
came up with something interesting. maybe even annoying.
if both client and server systems have the same user name and password for the account you are using to remote access the system, the client with auto connect.
an example is:
laptop winxp with user Admin and password 123
radmin server with user Admin and password 123
the system will auto logon using normally if you are logged into the laptop with the admin account and using the client.
anyone know why this happens? it's kinda annoying in my case....
Where is the download link for this app?
New download available here:
To the guest with the autologon issue 3 posts above this one: when using NT authentication RAdmin always tries the credentials of the currently logged on user first before showing the dialog... if your problem is what I think it is, it has nothing to do with RAdmin AutoLogin...
or at least, please make it so that passwords have to be entered only once per radmin session (ie save the pass into memory only, or whatever)

It's possible with Radmin Viewer 3.0b. Use Launch command in Radmin Viewer 3.0b.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Famatech Technical Support
The passwords are stored in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RAdmin\v3.0\Passwords

We'd like to request your utility to use another registry branch, for example, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RAAutoLogin\Passwords\ for compatibility reasons.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Famatech Technical Support

Hello PsychoMark m8,

I like you addon very much...but i got a BUG!

I don't know if you know it already but if you connect through a host, it will use the 1st used (saved) password.

Then you can't connect when you have two differents passwords!

Anyway, Keep up the good work! 8)

OK, I like it -- but what happens if
- I change my password on the server?
- I don't want the automatic password anymore??
Guest, I dident make this..but if that happens just delete the registry key :)

And I found a bug! If you have a space in the name, the registry key only shows the last word (after the space)
mhhh, time to subscribe to this topic :) to get back to everyone:

Ilia: although I don't quite see why (RAdmin doesn't use it anyways), but I'll implement a transition for the next release...

NightFly: I actually haven't tried "Connect through host" yet, I'll see what I can do about that

Guest: for the latest version, open up RAdmin (the phonebook dialog, without /connect), go to Tools and then Stored Passwords... in the dialog that pops up you can remove passwords. There is no Change functionality yet, although on request at least mass-changing passwords will be implemented...

Rob: don't have any names with spaces, so it's something to look in to. Does it cause any more problems you're aware of?

And as a final note; I'm going into "it's done when it's done" schedule. As I have just lost my job I just can't afford to work on it at the moment... but eventually as things settle down I will continue, as I use it myself on a daily basis...

Thanks for all the feedback!
OK tried the autologin, but when i checked the save password, it indeed saved the password even it was a wrong password. I suggest save it only when it is the correct password. Good a delete password is available. Anyway this is a nice idea.
Pretty good app but I think I found a bug myself. If your app is running, it screws up VPN connections. Something i'm sure you'll fix eventually.
well nevermind it appears that your new version has this fixed. hooray for you :)
We'd like to request your utility to use another registry branch, for example, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RAAutoLogin\Passwords\ for compatibility reasons.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Famatech Technical Support

He will get around to making the change. There is a floating time frame as of now. It will be done when it's done.

THIS IS A GOD SEND... Thank you so much for this beautiful addon, PsychoMark!! It works flawless on my WinXP behind a router cable modem to workplace.

Now I don't have to type my password 10,000 times a night.


You are awesome! Your software is still working with Radmin 3.4, you just need to change the install path during installation.

If Famatech won't listen at least YOU will!!
Hi, can someone give us an alternative download link for this app because is not working!

Thx John!
Hasn't been updated in years, and I don't think it will anytime soon, but it's good to know it's still useful! And I think Famatech deserves credit on that for keeping the login dialog compatible.

Anyways, here's a new link:
Hello everyone,

Please note, that Famatech isn't responsible for any errors or security flaws caused by third-party software. You install and use such software at your own risk.
Edited: Eugene Idzikovsky - 22.12.2009 08:58:50
Eugene's right. Storing passwords is a risk you should consider well (and apply additional security like filtering by IP). And since my application does place hooks, if things become unstable uninstall it and test again before blaming Famatech.

Many thanks though to Eugene (and everyone at Famatech) for at least allowing this thread!
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