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Offshore development and RAdmin, RAdmin use for offshore development
Can anyone share their experience on having an offshore developers using this tool to do their day-to-day work? Are there any issues on having a enterprise developer doing coding working on a remote machine everyday?

We are looking into several scenarios and this looks like an viable alternative since all of the databases and other services will be local to the radmin server box and we would not have to establish and synchronize a development tier at our off-shore partner across the ocean.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

The down side to doing this, is each user needs a workstation dedicated for his/her work. If you have 10 offsite people, that is 10 machines sitting in your office. Personal preference would be to look into a multi-user environment. Depending on the number of people/type of setup - I would like into a terminal server. For one consultant, it isn't a big deal - but when you get into 10-20, you also need to take into account power consumption and other factors. In the long run a terminal server type environment would save you money.
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