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I've tested the radmin viewer 3 and have some ideas that i think should be added:

1. When transfering files to see the speed of the download/upload and not only how much data transferd.

2. the option of scan for active servers is nice, but there is a way to tell radmin to do it every x minutes and to put the list of the active in diffrent folder? or to make them organize that the first icons will be the active computers ?

3. when radmin viewer 3 loads up it's trys to load the last file loaded, if the file does not exist at the moment the program asks to create new file, what i would like to know how can i do that if the file exist radmin will open it, and if not to load blank without all the question about the file ...

also, something i would like to know is when radmin server 3 will be out ??

We've included this suggestion into our Wishes list.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Famatech Technical Support
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