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I just upgraded one of my servers which now has a P4 2.6 ghgz processor and 512 mb of ram and it is running gigabit ethernet. With this processor I tried increasing the RAdmin updates per second to the default of 100. The processor is handling the updates with no problems and I see spikes only to about 20-30% cpu usage. The speed is incredible, I can barely even tell that i'm working remotely. Scrolling is the only time i can tell that i'm working on a remote machine.

I've never seen this kind of speed with RAdmin before. If you guys can, try upgrading to one of the newer P4 processors and you'll see a drastic increase in performance. I've also tried RAdmin on a 3.0 ghgz machine and the result was even better in terms of CPU usage. The bandwidth wasn't as good, however, so i didn't see the speed that i'm using now.

Hooray for speed!
I run it a 250(AMD), and I can see video, when its not on overlay :D
i have no problem with a pentium 3 300mhz processor and 128MB of ram, i get 60 updates/sec easy, sometimes as high as 70, and cpu usage is less than 50%. no problem there
What is the desktop resolution of your host machine?

My host is running at 1280x1024 and my gigabit ethernet connection it takes too much cpu at 50 updates per second.
Screen resolution is set to 1024x768 with 32-bit color scheme. I use 65535 colors and set viewer to 100 updates per second and the speed from within the network is incredible.

What kind of processor do you have? What about memory? hard drive speed?

Best performance is 50 updates / 65535 colors

It must have been some sort of fluke before. I tried remoting into that server again with the default of 100 screen updates/second and the CPU usage was consistantly in the 90% range and even hit 100% at a couple points. I guess I have to go back to the 50 updates/second.
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