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New easy to implement feature
I have an idea for a feature that could easily be implemented to Radmin 2.1 in a half hour max: the option to launch a program on a remote machine using the viewer. IE. Go into the viewer, select the machines you would like to execute this file on, type the file path , hit okay. It would be easy to put in, and great for situations like class rooms where one program needs to be opened on all machines, for example a word processer.

It could be inserted with a simple patch.
go ahead and write it then! A "PATCH" is a release to FIX an issue! You mean an UPDATE!
Patches can add features or fix things. And I would if I had the Radmin 2.1 source code.
Patch / Update / New Version - what does it matter what you are asking for? Do you really think Famatech will ever release a patch, update, new version? We have been asking for a Video driver update for years - and still nothing. It is kind of sad, but I wouldn't even expect a valid response from Famatech on your request.

They are to busy 'coding' to answer anything - hahahaha.
No, technically a patch is to fix bugs! But no point in arguing about it! ;-)
Yeah, who cares what it's called. Well the thing is, this would take 20 minutes, the hook driver takes who knows how long. But I guess you guys are right, Famatech probably won't ever put it in. I guess I'll write my own app to do it.
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