Radmin's competition


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Radmin's competition
I read on this forum about NetOp, an application just like Radmin. I tested it today in my LAN with a willing friend and we were impressed by it. It already does what Radmin 3.0 WILL do, we simply love it for the speed, quality, features. Although I didn't "play" a lot with NetOp, what I've seen so far convinced me. We're replacing Radmin at work with NetOp for sure. Sorry Radmin team...
OK, i'm going to try this netop program, as i've given up on radmin's future aswell.

after waiting over a year or 2, the features are still lacking what others had before such as:

1. greyscale or bw viewing.
2. password saving.

Could you please recommend any other alternative programs. Not PC anywhere, as although it had the above years ago, it's too big, slow and cumbersome like all symantec products.

My ideal program would have an option to work on the client pc without disturbing them. Ie. no screen blank, but rather a private screen, like you get for the console.

That way i could check settings for programs, amend programs etc., without disturbing the user each time.

I know this sounds like a hacker request, but it would be so useful as an admin.

oh boy,

NetOp doesn't give trial downloads. have to wait for shipping. so rubbish already.

any other alternatives.

mistake. they do download. cool.
maybe my settings are wrong, but Nooo waayyy.

NetOp is slower on my 100Mb LAN than Radmin is across the internet.

I'll have to stay with radmin for now.

Any other options?
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thats weird, my message saying that i've tried netop again and found it to be everything radmin is not, has been deleted.

anyway, guys. netop is better, by FAR.

i've left radmin after 2 years, and so has my company.
I tried netop and found it to be slower than radmin. However, I have switched from radmin to Access Remote PC which for me is better than netop and radmin.
Just try UltraVNC. Do a google search, it should come up as the first hit. It has file and directory transfers, a working video hook for XP, etc etc. Works great for me.
NetOP costs WAY more than RAdmin though
Cannot verify the stated advantages of NetOp,
still the most current version has problems in sharing clipboard. The company I am working for ships their machine interfaces with NetOp. The only advantage of NetOp I found out so far is that it works without TCP/IP, seems to install own sockets. PC Anywhere? I don't want all the additional symantec features being installed. I also used a administration programme which is now owned by Compaq, had been expensive and the video hook did not let one distinguish checkhooks on the remote machine. So I am still using RAdmin on the machines I am developing on, but only during development.
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