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[ Closed ] Radmin 3.1
I wish to mention that some of your users including myself need features that are slated for a future build ( > 3.0 ), and you have not released 3.0 yet. :o

We do not wish to delay the release of 3.0, however some abilities such as server initiated connections, and tunneling via different means such as through a web address are preventing us from using your product to support our customers. This causes us to look elsewhere for this. My company is currently using eblvd (a pay service). We still use radmin for our own administration, however we would prefer to use 1 service. I cannot remember the last time that my boss asked about Remote Admin, probably at least 1 year ago. :(

I much prefer radmin myself - I feel the response is much better that the other means that I have used. However, when I have no choice, what can I do except to go elsewhere. :(

Is there any other features required by others that will not make it into 3.0? Everyone reply & let us know.

A Loyal User. :oops:
I just need the improved video hook for Windows XP, continued improvement where possible for speed, remote screen blanking, and better file transfer support. All of this, to some extent is already slated for the 3.0 release and the improvements to the client side UI in the 3.0 Beta contain nearly all the things we have been wanting for managing our connections.

We're in a similar boat, however. It turns out that for Windows XP the Remote Desktop Connection (aka Terminal Services in Windows 2000) is truly an awesome client. I don't remember Terminal Services being very good but the one bundled in XP is excellent. This is the direction our company has begun to move, mostly because of what appears to be inactivity on the side of Famatech. I hate this because I love Radmin and continue to use it myself. We do, in fact, continue to use it for various tasks where I work but it's losing ground and will probably be replaced outright at the start of next year. One of the few reasons that Radmin continues to be used are the file transfer mechanism and the console support.

I love Radmin and I support it but I'm put in a difficult place now at work because I can no longer recommend Radmin to my management because of the lack of updates so they're moving towards other solutions for the future. :(
I haven't visited here in a while - so this is my first message as a registered user. I'm guessing Famatech is trying to cut down on the bad mouthing they have been getting in these forums. We should spend more time upgrading RADMIN.

We all need the video hook improvement, we have been saying that for years now. We are still waiting.

Famatech - when will we get this?

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