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Connecting to users behind NATs/PATs, seems like there's a market for this...
Hello Radmin,

I was prevented from replying to a topic that already asked for this feature, so to show my support, I had to start a new thread.

This is to rally more support for Tilli Weissenberger's 8/22 post and Wade Biggs's post here:
(along with others that follow the same theme).

If the server (from the user needing assistance) could send an outbound connection request through a NAT/PAT router with a dynamic address/port, and allow the viewer (at the Tech assisting the user) to make a connection (remote port forward?), Radmin would be the clear first-choice winner for SOHO & mobile user support.

This would put Radmin way ahead of DIY methods with VNC and tunnels, provide direct control that's compromised with web-based (and potentially costly) remote control services, bypass the cumbersome steps involved with with XP's RDP invitation process, and make it an "all that and then some" alternative to the somewhat-expensive PCAnywhere. I hope it's also fair to say that those of us who prefer Radmin anyway will make even greater use of it, and be able to reach a larger audience of users...

Couldn't have said it any better than that.
When this feature appears in radmin, I want to be first in line...

The "callback" feature is already on our Wish List. It will be implemented in further versions of Radmin.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
I use RAdmin to access all workgroup pcs behind a router in several shops that I support. I open one machine up to the firewall and access all other pcs through that one machine. it works quite well for me.
More than just a 'callback', Ilia, how's about a gateway like the one that Symantec uses? If we could enable a gateway feature that could redirect a viewer to any of the clients behind a firewall, this would GREATLY simplify PC administration via a firewall. Although, it would also increase a security risk, but for larger corporate environments where there are many, many subnetworks, this might be a big winner.

E.g. I connect to the gateway radmin server at my client's site, then I can connect to any of my client's computers, even if I have not redirected a port. ONLY the gateway computer is accessible via the Internet.
This is already possible with the redirect feature. I've setup environments that allow 1 port for RADMIN through their firewall - to 1 machine. All the other workstations are then accessed through that machine.

Look into the REDIRECTION part of RADMIN.

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