Wish list item... one more screen mode


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Wish list item... one more screen mode
It seems as if Radmin 2.2 offers 3 different ways to view the remote system (cycle thru them w/F12):
1. Half size in a window
2. Full size in a window (that scrolls if needed)
3. Stretched to fit

The problem is, none of these work well when the remote system's resolution is just a little bit less than the viewing system, as is the case with me (viewing system is 1400x1040, remote is 1280x1024).

What you end up with is either scroll bars that obscure the edges of the remote display, and the taskbar covering the bottom of the window (if windowing), or lots of lumpy blurred edges all over the display (if stretching).

To fix this, I suggest adding a 4th display mode, maybe call it 'bordered'. It is only available if the remote system's resolution is equal to or lower than the viewing system. In 'bordered' display mode, the remote display is shown centered, but not stretched or squashed, with black borders around the sides.
Why not just manually adjust the window size? :)
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