Wow!! Fast and through the firewall


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Wow!! Fast and through the firewall
Famatech... let's see version 3 do this. I was looking for remote control program that could go from my companies corporate network, through their proxy, and connect to another machines behind their firewall. I found a couple of web based programs that could do this, but they were SLOOOOOOW!

Then I tried Remote Anything with it's Directory Server option. This program is TINY, super fast and worked excellent through the firewalls. I'm really impressed. Can Famatech product something like the Directory Server?

This is different than connect through gateway option they already have. It allows both sides to communicate through their perspective firewalls and bridge. The connect through gateway only helps with one side. Also, Remote anything allows you to use port 443 (SSL) when connecting which defeats most firewalls ability to analyze behavior through a non-standard port. This means, the firewall won't block Remote Anything traffice because it recognizes it's not really http based.

excellent info, I will def check it out, is this a free app? suppose I could go look for myself just being a little lazy, sounds real good though
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