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No more suggestions/ideas
Look, I know we all want to see some really excellent features in the new 3.0 server release. But, we have an issue here...The 3.0 release has been "in progress" for well over 2 years! We need to stop giving them ideas...Let them finish the product, and then after that we can make suggestions for new smaller releases. As it is, we have been waiting entirely too long. What is amazing is how loyal we have stayed throughout all of this. However, I have been looking for alternatives that will have the features I need (Local printing for remote apps) because it's difficult to continue waiting with perhaps no end in site.

Synopsis - Stop making suggestions so that Famatech can hopefully finish RAdmin 3.0!

PS: Just my suggestion, no need to get angry/upset.
Do you really believe the reason 3.0 hasn't been released is because people keep making new suggestions? If that was true, no software would ever be released. Besides, if you have followed these forums, just about every suggestion has been made numerous times. There is abolutely no good excuse for this product not being released. Radmin was definitely head & shoulders above the competetion a couple of years ago. They must have lost the original developers and have just enough knowledge to maintain the source code with little enhancements. The 3.0 beta for the "VIEWER" was released back in January!!! Give me a break. The only major difference that I can see is a cleaner interface. Doesn't take a programming genius for that. The meat of this product is in the server and where is that beta?!? If this company was really smart, they would sell the source code to a software company that was willing to put some development resources and money behind the product. Radmin has had a loyal following that keeps dwindling by the minute.
I've not been using Radmin for long, but i did notice more changes in the new viewer than just the interface.
for example the support for chatting, and vioce chat, ok they don't work yet becouse non of you are runnin the the new server version. But that does require some programing to create even the client side.

(sry for my crappy spelling)
But that does require some programing to create even the client side.

But 2-3+ years?
well 2-3 is long, but the probebly did other stuff too.
like work on the server and stuff.

maybe we should ask for screens of server 3.0 in action ;)
You must be going mad, Jorge. That'll never happen!!!!!!
You must be going mad, Jorge. That'll never happen!!!!!!

the screenshot was ment sarcasticly

The CEO Says:
"Simultaneously we are performing in-house testing and updating of Radmin 3.0’s Server modules. Radmin 3.0 significantly interacts with Windows, so we frequently find serious issues not related to our software but caused by some Windows problems.We work out corrections for these as well, of course, but many times it’s difficult and requires some extra work and research to come up with goodwork-arounds to avoid using some documented Windows functions because they don't work correctly under, for example, Windows XP without SPs or Windows 95 that we still support or other. Any one of these issues can cause a serious time delay."

hehe.. I do think this quote might qualify as a Bush-ism, but I'll say that his mention of a time delay is more than an understatment! Lets hope the Radmin Server is finished before Longhorn is released!

Another Radmin FAQ
In fact, most suggestions are dublicates of what is already on Radmin wish list or was anounced as Radmin 3.0 feature here:

Almost all features Radmin 3.0 is about to introduce are listed at Other major features will be added in versions following 3.0.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
maybe we should ask for screens of server 3.0 in action

Why not? You can see a couple of Radmin Server 3.0 screenshots at and

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
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