RADMIN on Dual Monitor System.


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[ Closed ] RADMIN on Dual Monitor System., Is it possible, if so how?

I recently upgraded my system to run a dual monitor config. It is very handy to be able to spread your different windows out over two monitors. Here is my problem... when I use my Radmin I am unable to access any programs that open on the second monitor.

Is there anyway that Radmin can show me whats on the other monitor?

You should be able to connect a dual-monitor system. However, you will only see the primary display.

Radmin 2.x is able to capture the screen from the primary monitor only (max resolution is 2024x2024) no matter if you are using a single extended desktop or several separate desktops. Support for multiple displays will be implemented in Radmin 3.0.

The current workaround is to switch the primary and secondary desktops on the remote machine.

Let me know if I can be of any other assistance with Famatech products.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Thanks for answering my question....

I now look forward to the release of Version 3.

Thanks again.
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