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Dynamic ip, how do we get new ips
ok i like your program but when my office ip address
changes how do i get the new ip address when i have a
dynamic ip address your program should have some way
of notifying me of the change it seems simple enough
write a simple patch that goes to
then takes that address compares it to the current address if it is different send email to who ever
or if same ignore not hard i would think
email me if any one has a simpler solution at thanks
If the IP address of Radmin Server is changed dynamically by an ISP, you can use software to notify you via e-mail (like "keep me posted" or DirectUpdate available at every time your IP address changes. Alternatively, you could use a service that maps your dynamic IP to a DNS name (for example,, or ( is a service that assigns alphabetical DNS names to computers that don't have fixed IP addresses.

To test the assigned DNS name, you can PING the remote computer. You could also use Famatech's Advanced Port Scanner to see if port 4899 is open on the remote computer. Advanced Port Scanner can be downloaded for free from

Let me know if I can be of any other assistance with Famatech products.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
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