Dwelling on the 3.0 Server Release


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[ Closed ] Dwelling on the 3.0 Server Release, Never Going to Happen
I don't know why you guys keep promising something you have no intention of releasing. You have to be in the Guiness Book of WR for longest release time of software in the history of technology. I would not have a problem with your "If it's Not Broke Don't Fix It" policy, but the fact is that 2.2 has PIA issues with Switch User, of course you know about this problem so I don't feel I have to dwell on that, but it is a Major PIA for users such as myself that really do not want to use Windows 98 or NT anymore.. of course this is not an issue with 2000, but don't leave the XP users out in the cold. If you are not going to release it, just say so.

Rob Roy out.... peace.
All 3rd-party remote control tools have issues with Switch User, not Radmin alone.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov

I don't believe that is a true statement. Due to the much delayed 3.0 server release, I am one of many that have been testing out other third party applications that already include the features that will theoretically be included in Radmin 3.0. One such product that I have become fond of is RemotelyAnywhere. I have not been able to identify one issue with fast-user-switching and this remote control tool. I am quite sure that there are many other tools on the market that can handle this feature as well.

Hey Scott, what is the speed like for RemotelyAnywhere?


To me the speed seems pretty quick. There are a lot of configuration options, so if speed seems like an issue, you can always reduce resolution and things like that, much like Radmin. Overall I am quite impressed by it.

re: "Remotely Anywhere"
Overall I am quite impressed by it.

Me too. And the remote printing in Remotely Anywhere works very well.

Jim H.
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