3.0 Issue from an Outsider


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3.0 Issue from an Outsider
I'm considering Radmin currently. FYI, we have been using PC Anywhere since the DOS Days but $$$ is becoming an issue.

I know 3.0 still in beta but ...

File Transfer issues:
1) Seems very slow, will something like speedsend be implemented?
2) Hate horizontal layout. Anyway I can have the layout vertical? is easier to compare folders.
3) Any Sync options?
4) Any Compare options?
5) How about adding Desktop to starting list? (I only see the drives)
6) Split Folder List and Files will be great
7) File Transfer window should display the Name of Entity vs. IP Address.

1) Reverse Mouse buttons. Some of my users are left-handed. Any way to reverse the mouse buttons on the viewer side?
2) Disabling Mouse/Keyboard/Screen do not work on 3.0
3) Mouse cursor does not seem to work. I tried all 3 options with no result.

Love Telnet option (command prompt window)
Love Speed of screen redraws
Love Connect thru host
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